Transfer Day: Take Two


Yesterday was the day, our second IVF transfer.

It did not go as smoothly as last time, in more ways than one.

For starters, I got extremely nauseous after retrieval & threw up everything I attempted to eat for days. Three days after that, my nose started streaming like a waterfall (a known effect from anesthesia according to our information packet). Unfortunately, mine turned into the nasties cold I’ve had in over a year. With that being said, I hobbled into the fertility center looking like Rudolph on a bad trip, with the voice of an aging smoker.

On the bright side, our nurse reassured me this would have no effect on the outcome of the procedure.

After I had my pep pink paper gown draped around me, with my coat covering me legs because I was freezing to death, our RE came in. He sat down on the spinning chair, opened my chart, and got to the embryos.

“You have two to transfer today & three that are being observed but probably won’t make it. The best one you have to transfer in today is in the Morula stage. It’s the stage before the blastocyst stage.”

&, with that, he was ready to go.

I looked over to Scott & pointed out, “So they’re not even as good as last time then.”

Two light knocks on the door came after & our nurse was ready to take us in the transfer room-my surgery socks and all.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what an IVF transfer entails, let me fill you in. You have to go in with a FULL bladder, lay back on a table with your legs in those mega stirrups, while the doctor jams a supersize speculum into you & the nurses presses down on your swollen bladder & ovaries with an abdominal ultrasound. During this time, the doctor then tries to position the catheter & lets the embryologist know he’s ready. They’ll then come through the adjacent door & ask you to confirm your name on the dish. Once they’re given the go ahead, the Doc places them from the incubator to the catheter & into you. Sounds riveting, right?

The procedure usually takes 10-15 minutes….unless you’re like me & have a retroverted uterus that loves complicating matters. Our transfer took about 30 minutes.

I was all set up in the stirrups, super sized speculum jammed into me, when the Dr. started trying to place the catheter. He does this for what felt like painfully forever to me. Eventually, he looks up to ask, “Did I have trouble getting this in last time?”

Scott answers yes….while I think silently to myself, “Yep..and every time we did the IUIs.”

Finally, he gives up on threading that catheter and has the nurse get a new one. Thankfully, after a bit, he gets it to where it needs to be-thank, ya Jesus!!!! He gives the go ahead to embryology and one of our embryologists comes in to have us verify the name on the dish. We nod. She asks what my socks say & I’m in so much pain at this point, coupled by sickness and feeling like I’m going to pee on everyone, I don’t even know what they say. I ask Scott. He’s not sure either. I think maybe she moved them around to see.

“Hatch & Attach! I love those!! Those are so cute!”

Then my doctor and nurse get interested asking where I got them, which I found amusing.



You can snag these at TTC greeting cards

After what felt like an eternity, he pulled the catheter & supersize speculum out. On the way out, the nurse told me she had her, “fingers and toes crossed,” for us which was also nice.


Here are three of our little embryos. We aren’t sure which 2 they transferred in as 3 are pictured. Obviously, the best two but neither of us have any idea how that is determined.

What I do find interesting here is that a lady who identifies as clairvoyant told me that I would have three eggs remaining this time but two of those three would be the best. & here we are with this haunting picture of 3, with two of those being transferred in…..I am hoping that’s a good sign.

In addition, I also posted our embies to Instagram in hopes of seeing if anyone else had these types of embryos transferred in and had success. Two people commented that either they were pregnant currently from this stage of embi, or had a friend they tagged with the same result. The lady who said she herself had gotten pregnant from a Morula said that it was possible that when they examined the embryo it wasn’t to a blast yet but may have been by the time they transferred them. I looked into it further online immediately (of, course lol) & found that it is still possible for these to result in pregnancy. One website in particular had given a 50% success rate.

I am praying & hoping with everything in me for a BFP this time. Any & all additional prayers & good vibes are welcome, friends!


Have you heard of anyone getting pregnant from an embryo in the Morula stage??? Has this happened to you?? What are your thoughts?


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