The Evils Of Progesterone


She ain’t kidding, y’all!

I’ve been on it for 5 days now &, yesterday, I started feeling the effects…right on time for our embryologist to give me the final update on our remaining embryos.


I would correct myself here & say *were going to be Frozen…but I’m afraid to. lol

The crazy has flowed right into today as my husband & I were lazing around on this snowy afternoon….

Me: “If I’m not pregnant next Friday I’m getting a cat! A big fat a%# maine coon cat! Don’t even argue, I have been through too much!!! (*almost in tears) I’ve had 3 IUI’s, 2 egg retrievals, 2 transfers from hell, who knows how many shots by now, & now-NOW-I get to take 600 mg of Progesterone suppositories three times a day. If I’m not getting a baby, I’m getting a mother f*&^%$! cat!!”

If you’re curious, he did not argue about the cat. lol Backstory: I love cats & once had a hefty maine coon. My husband, in his previous life, ended up with many cats…& now hates them…well, he says he doesn’t hate them, he just doesn’t want one…..hormonal me apparently is taking this opportunity to get some type of baby come next Friday.



Also, if the Progesterone could stop giving me these light twinges of pain in my ovaries, that’d be great…unless of, course it’s from implantation


because THAT is more than welcome.

In other news, we’re both very disappointed that none of our 3 remaining embryos made it to be frozen….not only does it lessen the likelihood a future FET would have a positive outcome, it also makes the future for our present embryos look more bleak. We’re still trying to stay positive, at least a little, & remember it’s not over till it’s over. I keep reminding myself that God has the power to do anything & that others have successful outcomes with this stage of embryo. Hopefully, we will as well…..all extra prayers are much appreciated & so needed.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend &, if it’s snowing where you are, I hope you got your milk & break before snowmegeddon hit ;P




10 thoughts on “The Evils Of Progesterone

  1. Funny enough; hubby and I have talked about becoming Maine Coon breeders if we aren’t able to have a child. I’m sorry to hear about the Frozen crew, that completely sucks and I don’t blame you for being really upset. *hugs*

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  2. I’m sorry about Elsa, Anna and Olaf :(… But your meme’s made me giggle. The first one especially because I love the episode of Chapelle show. I hope you’re able to focus on the ones you have growing inside you. And personally, I think you should get a Maine coon anyway. They’re gorgeous!! I want one!

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    • Thanks….I think, more than anything, I worry that it makes the chances of success less likely 😁 I’m TRYING to be positive though…& yessss, they are!!! I use to have one & was gorgeous!!! & had soooo much personality lol

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  3. Ahhh, chin up, C and S! No frozens sucks, but you have your littlies already gestating in the best place they could be – YOU! So just think of it as you’re PUPO and stay positive and know we are rooting for you. PS Love Maine coons! I have a little dog that’s like a cat, and they are big cats that are like dogs! Haha!

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