What 13 Reasons Why Shows Us About Bullying

In case you’ve, somehow, missed the craze of Netflix newest series 13 Reasons Why, I’m going to insert the obligatory spoiler alert here.

13 Reasons Why is a 13 episode adaptation of Jay Asher’s novel about a girl who commits suicide & leaves behind 13 cases tapes explaining what led her to do so. If you received the tapes, you were one of her reasons why.

Not only was the series griping from the start, but it also illustrated how much damage bullying can do to someone. As someone who was bullied themselves, I felt this message was accurately depicted.

Much of what happened to Hannah Baker, the main character, appeared to be subtle bullying/harassment at first that viewers later saw grow into larger ramifications. What seemed small at first became dramatically larger over time because each awful incident did one very unfortunate thing. It made it okay to treat someone so poorly.

Which is exactly what happened in my own life thanks to the girl who thought it was okay to start bullying me. At first, she was on her own having fun with making my life miserable. Soon after, I picked up side bullies that followed in her footsteps. Why? Because it was somehow then okay to pick on me. I was the new girl in seventh grade & it became the thing to do for several girls in my class.

On top of dealing with the bullying every day, something else happened to me as a result. Apart from the cruel ones, there were actually a few nice people in my class but, after being so beaten down, I stopped trying. I stopped trying to form friendships of any kind with any of the kids in my class because (as Hannah says in the series),  “it was open season,” on me, I never knew if someone asked me to sit with them to be nice or because it would be funny/allow me to be a target for one of those girls.

13 Reasons Why had a lot of very important messages to be had & one of those messages I hope viewers take away from it is be kind to one another & realize just how much a seemingly small action from you can effect someone else’s life. We live in a world where we, still today, hear abut bullying all the time. I see the pleas from parents on Facebook asking what to do for their child who is slowly being torn apart by bullying. We see the school shootings & later learn that bullying was involved. But when are we finally going to stand up as a society & say bullying, in any form, is not okay?



12 Things I’ve Learned About Living With Children

There’s was a B.C. life for us. A time in which our life didn’t revolve around the needs and wants of children in our home. A time where Netflix binging and lazy weekends were king. A time where, mid day, if we got the urge to see a movie, we’d just get ready and walk right out the door.

Children tend to change that in the best of ways. For those of you who are still in your own BC time, below is a list of what I’ve learned about the after life. For those with children, you will probably laugh the hardest. Enjoy!

  1. Your body is now a human jungle gym. That whole your body is a sacred temple mumbo jumbo is over. Kiss that life goodbye and prepare for a plethora of bruises in the most obscure parts of your body.
  2. Your clean car is also a thing of the past. Let me tell you something, before I was responsible for a tiny human life, my car was as clean as Danny Tanner’s. I emptied that thing out every day.
  3. A whole new appreciation & admiration for Barney. If you want to freeze a toddler in time put on that obese purple dinosaur. After witnessing how starstruck they are, you will then know how it looked inside a Jim Jones compound.
  4. Grownup TV is now on a schedule. Their schedule, which includes Nap time and bed time…unless of, course your eyes go together from exhaustion.
  5. Your house is now their house. If you like that beautiful zen sand garden on the coffee table, they’ll show you how much better it will look scattered across the floor. You’ll find you you’ve come to love a new way of decorating. The, “let’s make EVERYTHING completely none accessible,” way.
  6. You here the word no so often that, in those few miraculous times you actually here the word, “yes,” you swear there are angels singing in the background.
  7. Bargaining. You become a negotiator. I’m pretty sure if you can bargain with a toddler, you automatically become certified to be a hostage negotiator.
  8. You have a whole new appreciation for appliances that come with, “child locks.” Shootout to our refrigerator on that one!!
  9. Privacy deleted. If you think it’s bad when your pets follow and subsequently watch you go to the bathroom, imagine adding a plus one to their viewing pleasure. You’d rather not? Okay, enjoy the screams and crying of a toddler that is collapsed outside your door until you’re finished.
  10. A new fashion. The days of cute outfits have come to die. At the end of the day, or in just a few short hours, everything they’ve eaten will be wiped all over your body. In addition to the food, there will also be snot and drool rubbed everywhere. By the end of the day, you’ll likely resemble a homeless person. Don’t fight it, just go with it. Meanwhile, they’ll need changing about three times that day themselves.
  11. Back in time. Dealing with a toddler all day is a lot like being back at college. They’re chugging sippy cups like it’s rush week, throwing things, yelling inaudibly, crying, & falling asleep in the weirdest of positions.
  12. Going places is like packing for vacation. You need a plethora of supplies including but not limited to diapers, wipes, more diapers, cups, toys, shoes, a change of clothes, snacks, a stroller, DVDs.