An Update On Our Foster Care Journey

Initially, with this pregnancy, our plan was to continue our foster care journey this coming fall once Elijah was born so we could bond with him & get a hold on what it’s like to have a newborn. So we put ourselves on hold & flirted with the idea of possibly doing respite care once I made it into the second trimester & was no longer in a high risk category. As it turned out, I had a lot of minor problems with infections beginning in the second trimester that were also big scares at the time. Fortunately, even though I am still dealing with the infections, no major issues occurred & we aren’t worried about them at this point.

Fast forward to now where our foster goals have once again changed. Since my husband has accepted a new job & we’ll be moving next month, we don’t feel continuing our foster care journey at this time would be fair to anyone. Not ourselves as we adjust to his new job, parenthood, & acclimate to living in a rural area. Not to our fur babies who are already going to have to adjust to having one tiny human who is constantly needing every ounce of mommy & daddy’s attention in those early months. &, most especially, not to the traumatized children who are the faces of foster care.

One thing we learned quickly as foster parents is that you should be in a good place in your life when doing it. We feel that picking it back up again with all of the major life changes we’ll already be encountering is not a wise decision.

However, that is not to say that we do not want to foster again. In the short time that we did it, we both saw how rewarding & beneficial it is for kids in care. Is it hard? Absolutely. But, in my own experience & from what I’ve heard other foster parents echo, it will be the best hard thing you’ve ever done.

There are sooooo many kids in care that need loving temporary & forever families. Especially in our state, the heroin & opioid crisis continues to have devastating effects for children. Devastating effects that have left the foster system dramatically overrun. May is Foster Care Awareness Month & I would like to take this opportunity to urge you to look into your hearts & ask yourselves if becoming a foster family is right for you (now or in the future).



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