The Scare: Take Two

Early on, we had a scare when I had some spotting around the fifth week of pregnancy. Thankfully, things ended up being just fine (despite my meltdown & being sure we were headed for another miscarriage).

Sunday, I noticed some odd discharge when getting up that morning. It happened again soon after, only that time showing up as a very light brown color. If you’ve ever had experienced pregnancy loss, you know that any kind of colored discharge is likely to trip you out. So, naturally, like any sane person (jk) I text pictures of said terrifying discharge to my friend who happens to be a nurse practitioner. Her response started with, “don’t panic,” &, of course, I panicked as I continued reading. She said she was going to send it to her OB friend to see what her thoughts were. Commence BIGGER freakout.

After some deliberation with my husband, who love his heart was trying to calm me down, I called my OB’s after hours line to ask the on call person about it. After I filled her in, she said that it shouldn’t be colored like that & I needed to come in the next morning. Also, if any bleeding happened, I needed to call her back ASAP.

Fast forward to the Dr’s office today: I saw the lady I’d talked to on the phone over the weekend. She did an exam & tested for several things, since I’d been having recurring issues with yeast, UTI’s. Turns out, I have another yeast infection, which is less of a big deal, & BV, kind of a big deal.

BV can increase the chance of premature labor. Reignite panic mode. I have antibiotics for both infections & am hoping they resolve without any complications to the pregnancy at this point. Still, it’s a very scary situation for someone who has already experienced losses before.

I have antibiotics for both the BV & yeast. The game plan is to take those, call if things worsen this week, wait for the results of the other things she swabbed for (one was group b strep, can’t remember the rest), & be re-checked at my next regular OB appointment on the 2nd.

Please send up some prayers for us & that our little guy. I need an uneventful pregnancy from here on out…a lot less stress in tow!


6 thoughts on “The Scare: Take Two

  1. Eek. Thinking of you. How scary. I will say I’ve heard that people get bleeding quite a lot and go on to have healthy babies. I can completely understand why you are worried, but hang tight and hopefully it’ll go away. Sending you hugs. Xx

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