If I could describe it one sentence, I’d borrow a line from Dickens & say, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

It is the year I lost my best friend in the entire world & everything feels so empty.
It is the year when, after a hellacious battle with infertility & losses, a healthy pregnancy came around & everything feels so full. 
It is a year filled with so much heartache that it is easy to overlook the good.
It was the year our dreams were dashed in the failure of IVF 2 & we were told that our chances of ever having children were slim to none but it was also the year we traveled to a city I’d never been to & knocked a few things off my Bucket List. New York, you are forever my favorite.
It was the year I unexpectedly had to say goodbye to my best friend & biggest supporter, my sweet mamaw. But it was also the year I managed to graduate with my MSW & go on to get my CSW. I know how proud she was of me for that. 
It was the year we thought we were finally done with infertility when we shockingly got a positive pregnancy test THE DAY we were going to see a new RE…only to miscarry a week later. But it was also the year that we, shortly after, got pregnant again with our rainbow baby that is growing away now. 
If anything, this year has taught me that, when things are really bad, it is so easy to overlook the good. 

& maybe, just maybe, things really do come to us when we need them the most. “Miracles happen…in God’s time.”


5 thoughts on “2016

  1. You really have had a rollercoaster year. You are very right how easy it is to just focus on the bad and forget the good that has happened. I feel like this year for me has been insanely up and down too and have found myself crying at how conflicted I feel about it all, so I can imagine it has been really hard for you with so much loss – big hugs and here is a toast to a happy 2017 for you – you deserve it X

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