Second OB Appointment

Funny thing….I waited until late evening to say anything on Facebook, or Instagram about our appointment because I was waiting for an order to come in. I took a leap of faith last week & ordered biweekly pregnancy update chalkboards that were suppose to get to me either yesterday, or today. In hopes of getting it yesterday, I delayed the update because I thought, “how cute would that be??”

Well….I got a few messages, texts, & comments from some very nervous people who follow along with the blog & our story. I also had a notification that my, “stats were booming,” here yesterday for that very reason. Had we not called our parents, I’m sure we would’ve gotten some threatening phone calls before I did post as well. lol More people than I would have EVER imagined have not only been following along with us through it all but also rallying around us, supporting, & praying for us & for that I will be forever grateful. If you have ever walked the road of infertility, you know that it’s a very lonely one. It’s trying, it’s soul crushing, & it’s just really freaking hard. Having so many people be invested in our journey is truly a blessing. We are so lucky.

And now for the update!


I was incredibly nervous yet again (shocker, shocker!), so nervous that I lived in the bathroom for a good amount of the day until Scott got home to get me for the appt. We made a last ditch effort for a quick snack at McD’s (AKA, to me, as Ronald’s Fat House) & got some breakfast…well, me & baby M got breakfast because that’s all we were feeling….apparantlyyyyy they very much enjoyed that sausage biscuit because they were moving like crazyyyyyy on the ultrasound!!!! We were shocked at just how much!! As we are having it done, with the ultrasound tech right beside me, Scott says, “It’s just like Sophie! Look at the way it moves its arms & legs!” grinning from ear to ear….thank God she has no idea that Sophie is our fur baby LOL The heartbeat was 169!!!!!!!!!!!!! *crowd roars

When we got back to my Doc, she came in smiling & seemed happy with everything. She said the ultrasound indicated good fetal movement & there we no signs of miscarriage. She asked about my symptoms & didn’t seem alarmed at all that my morning sickness is going away. When I asked her if light cramping was normal, at first, she gave me a mini heart attack. “Yes, but if it’s ever red you need to call here &, if it’s on a weekend that may get a little harder, so just go to an ER…though that’s not always a good experience.” Scott & I looked at each other, giving each other the, “that tell me about it!” look. Β I did make sure to follow up with, “so it’s normal?” The second answer made me feel a lot better: “Yes, you should feel like you’re about to start your period all the time and it should go away by the second trimester. We just have to get you there, I think you’ll feel a lot better then.”

The plan remains the same as far as meds go. I’ll continue with Aspirin & Levonox until way into the pregnancy & stop taking the Progesterone at 13 weeks…which now makes me nervous since we’re quickly approaching that. I keep telling myself she noted I didn’t even need it anymore at our first OB appointment but I have to keep reminding my anxiety fueled self of that.

If you pray, please, pleaseeee continue to pray for us!!!!! Again, thank you all so, so much!!!!!!!!!! ❀ xo

Sidenote: I just want to make it clear that this blog will continue on & I promise it won’t be solely about pregnancy. I will still blog about infertility, as it will always be such a big part of our lives, mental health, & just random things that I really love & think you may, too πŸ˜‰


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