No More Morning Sickness?

It happened. I knew it would eventually & I was terrified about this moment coming. It doesn’t help at all that this occurred a lot sooner than I ever thought it would.

I’m 9 weeks & 5 days today and I barely got sick at all this morning. TMI moment ahead (this is your warning to skip forward): I only threw up a little bit in my mouth this am & yesterday wasn’t nearly the amount I was throwing up. Even then I worried but today the anxiety was amplified by a million.

After taking the dogs out into the cool chill of the morning, I nervously paced around, then decided to go get a breakfast sandwich for distraction. While in line, I messaged a friend of mine who is a nurse practitioner & former L&D nurse to ask her opinion on things. She asked if I was almost 10 weeks & said that, typically, the further along you are in pregnancy, morning sickness resolves. She added that, in one of her pregnancies, her’s began to clear up between 10-13 weeks.

& you would think that would make me feel better….but, as another blogger I follow on WordPress said, “Pregnancy after loss is not like pregnancy, period.” (Nara, from Zero to Zygote). Pregnancy after loss is terror. A damn near constant state of terror. Every twinge in my body worries me. Everything my body does & doesn’t do worries me. Is this okay? Is it normal? Should I be worried?

Once you’ve endured multiple losses, I feel like a large part of the joy of pregnancy is taken away. I envy women I see announcing at 5 weeks on FB & talking about their pregnancy constantly. In truth, I’m afraid to mention mine for the most part because I think…will it still be here tomorrow? Are things still okay for now? Why is my morning sickness gone?

You become guarded & super paranoid. When something happens that really warrants worry, you’re doomed.

Please send some prayers up for us that everything is fine & it was just time for my morning sickness to be over. We have a Dr’s appointment & ultrasound Monday that I’ll now be even more anxious for.

What was your experience with morning sickness??? At what point did it go away? 


12 thoughts on “No More Morning Sickness?

  1. It’s totally normal to stress!! And more so after what you’ve been through. My sickness went at week 7 and so like you i stressed so I had a scan not long after just to put my mind at rest. All fine! A few of my friends didn’t even have any sickness (lucky them!) so I wouldn’t worry – easier said than done I know. I found in my first tri that my symptoms came and went so the sickness may come back for you. Someone at my yoga group didn’t even have any pregnancy symptoms!

    Anyway, it’s totally normal to feel this way. I still do at week 24! Just try not to get too hung up on symptoms and especially don’t compare with other peoples symptoms are, what the books say, google says, etc. Just think of yourself as a lucky one!

    All the best for the rest of your pregnancy, nearly into the 2nd trimester 🤗 xx

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  2. Hey you. I didn’t get any sickness but that’s because I was on steroids so apparently that prevents it. You should try not to worry (easier said than done) about sickness as an indicator as it is different for loads of people. My SIL never had any and she had two naturally conceived healthy babies. I don’t think it stays for any set amount of time. One day at a time… I know the waiting is torture but that’s all you can do. Wait. And vent on here! Sending you love. Xx

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  3. Mine was all over the shop. I had a horrific week at around 7 weeks pg, then it calmed down a bit and I felt ok around 9/10 weeks. Then I had another bad week at 13 weeks. I decided to just ignore it as an indicator of how well the pregnancy was going, or it was going to drive me bananas!! Try and stay calm. I know too well that its easier said than done after loss though x x

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  4. Thinking of you and praying everything continues to go smoothly! I had morning sickness throughout my pregnancy, which I celebrated, because of my history with pregnancy loss. You’ll be able to feel your little one soon and that definitely helps ease the anxiety. We get it! And we’re here for you! ❤️

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