A Late Update

Most of you probably won’t be surprised that I did go in for labs again on Thursday. Actually, I ended up being a little surprised because I hadn’t really planned on it BUT Scott & I had breakfast out that morning & then I had to go in to the Dr. because I got an infection so I thought what the heck?

I got my labs right after breakfast & got a call back about the infection right as I walked out of the building. The nurse told me it was probably best to just come in so we knew I was getting the right kind of meds. They fit me in after lunch & I asked about the results (shocker!).

HCG: 25,000

My Dr’s nurse also called me about the results as she isn’t who I saw & said that my Dr. thought my numbers were, “fantastic.” I started breathing a little easier after that. Our first appointment & second ultrasound is this Tuesday (just 3 more days!!!!!!) so we’re excited & nervous about that. I’m so hoping they can get a heartbeat at this one. I know the receptionists tell people they don’t want them to come in for a first appointment until 8-9 weeks but I specifically asked my Dr. last go around if I could come in sooner because I had never made it that long, hence those far off appointments were useless to me. She agreed so, when appointment time rolls around, I’ll be 7 weeks & 2 days.

Lots of prayers things keep going smoothly & we can hear that little heartbeat are greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!

&, for your entertainment pleasure, a funny story about giving myself my injection last night. We went out to dinner around shot time so I had to give myself my shot in the bathroom. Since I happened to be sporting a dress, I ended up having to do it in the stall. When I walked out, I was holding the needle (cap on) with a baggy I’d kept my bandaid & alcohol swab in. There was a woman standing outside the stall who looked at me strange & then did NOT go into the stall but instead continued to wait for another…..pretty sure she thought I was shooting up LOL Infertility is just really fun sometimes…….

The aftermath……..


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