On The Rise

I can’t complain about today’s blood work but it sure started off on the wrong foot. I left the house early this morning & signed in for labs like I normally do. After sitting there way longer than usual, the receptionist called me back up to inform me the order was not in. I told her I wasn’t sure why because my Dr. ordered repeat labs twice weekly. She wasn’t getting an answer at their office because the phones were staying busy so I ended up hanging out to skim bits & pieces of HGTV. After nearly 40 minutes, problem solved.

Early this afternoon (thank God), the nurse called to say my Dr. thought my numbers were, “fantastic.”

My HCG is 14072 & she said my Progesterone was still above 50.

With that, she said, “It looks like we’ll see you next Tuesday for your first OB appointment & ultrasound in the office.”

I asked if I was still suppose to go in for another blood check Thursday & she wasn’t sure so put me on hold. She came back a few seconds later to say she grabbed my Dr. coming out of a room who said, ย if I wanted to go in again, I could but I didn’t have to. So that made me feel more at ease since they don’t appear concerned.

I’m not sure if I’ll go in again, or just wait until next week. Pregnancy after loss is a terrifying thing, let me tell you, so peace of mind is always vital. For instance, TMI, I went to the bathroom this am &, when I checked after wiping (which I always do in the midst of my paranoia), noticed it was yellow & possibly even a light something of another color (totally making sense so far, right?). I text said potential unknown color to my husband then called him in a panic. He was his usual self, talking low & reassuring…that man needs to look into hostage negotiating, I swear. We concluded that it was probably just yellow & nothing to worry about.

& then my stomach started to hurt. Oh, no. Panic resumed….until I realized it was just gas & I happened to run to the bathroom a lot that day. So it’s fine lol but the crazy pregnancy after loss lady says, “who knew!”

In addition to the above, symptom wise, I’m still just really fatigued/tired all the time, my boobs are weird, & I’m getting headaches. But I’ll take any & all preggo symptoms happily after the road I’ve trudged to get here.

Here’s to hoping things continue going smoothly & our first appointment/second ultrasound go smoothly! I’m hoping we can hear the heartbeat because I feel like that will put us more at ease as well. The anxieties of pregnancy article Scott sent me after my frantic picture/phone call noted that miscarriage decreased a lot once a heartbeat could be detected. With that being said, if they can hear the heartbeat at that point, we will probably announce that day.

I know that nothing is a guarantee but we’ve never gotten this far & I feel like, for me personally anyway, I want to celebrate this victory. For the people who say oh, I’d wait till the second trimester, I say, if something bad is going to happen, it’s going to happen. &, quite frankly, I’ve never hidden any of our infertility journey. I’ve been very open about it & I feel that’s a good thing. It’s been a taboo subject for too long. People should be able to talk about infertility in general & miscarriages & receive support from those around them in the event that something does go wrong.

So we don’t see any point in waiting after that & can’t wait to share the news with everyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Again, I will post my disclaimer that if you ruin this announcement (1 of 9085930478023), I will personally be forced to cut you. lol



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