HCG Check & Updates

Today was another HCG check day. I begrudgingly forced myself to get up early & go in around the same time as I always have (so the numbers are accurate, duh! -crazy paranoid preggo lady).

I got a call a little after lunch from the nurse & she said my Dr, “thinks your numbers are great!”

Of, course this alone was not enough for me so I asked, like I always do, what my HCG was. It was 4037!!!!!!!Β 

I feel like I keep repeating myself in saying I’ve never had numbers this high before. Once I heard they’re now 4037, I feel like we can rest a little easier now. Scott feels the same.

Right now, I’m just taking it one day at a time & being immensely thankful for the good news we’ve had so far. I’m trying to stay out of catastrophizing that something will go wrong & staying in the place of waiting for the shoe to drop at any second so to speak.

In other news, preggo wise, I started having actual symptoms this week. I threw up Tuesday & I was the MOST excited person on earth about it (because it meant things were going well)! LOL IDK if it was the preggo hormones, or my bronchitis/sinus infection…but I’m going to choose to believe it has something to do with the pregnancy. Also, turn away men, my boobs are HIGHLY sensitive & are now an odd color (TMI lol). Other than that, I’m just extremely sleepy all the time. On top of just being pregnant, the progesterone also helps this along. I took a 2.5 hour nap this evening & I feel like I could nap again. NOTE: I am in now way complaining about any of this, in fact I love it. lol Any positive symptoms are always welcome because that makes me feel like things are going okay.

I have repeat labs again Monday & Thursday, & then, the next week, we have another ultrasound & our first OB appt on Tuesday!!!!! Β *squeal

Please continue to keep us in you prayers. We are hoping things continue to go as they are πŸ™‚


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