Say What?!?!

Thankfully, my numbers ended up being great today! The nurse called earlier than usual so I had a mini heart attack driving through a small town on my own home. 

HCG: 1335!!!!!!!!!!! 

I didn’t hear what the Progesterone was because it was difficult to hear driving through a congested unfamiliar city. BUT she did say my doctor was, “very pleased,” with the results. They’d mentioned yesterday scheduling an ultrasound & the nurse brought that up again saying, she wants you to have an ultrasound this week so they’ll call you to schedule that. Well, they did…it’s tomorrow!!!!!! Which worries me since I JUST turned 5 weeks. I just hope they can see something. From what I’ve read, at 5 weeks, they should at least be able to see the sac. For me, I’m not sure if that will be the case because, again, although I’m technically 5 weeks, we know EXACTLY when I ovulated so I’d actually only be about 3 weeks. 😬😬

Lots & lots of continued prayers/good vibes/thoughts are appreciated for tomorrow. We go very early tomorrow morning & I’m hoping they’ll give us some clue as to how things look. 

To reinterate, if  you mention this on social media before one of my 10282919 awesome planned announcers, I will cut you. ;P


8 thoughts on “Say What?!?!

  1. During my first ultrasound, I was 5w3d and they could only see the sac and fetal pole. My husband was out of town for work and I had to go alone and will never forget how scared and sad I was that we couldn’t get a heartbeat…but I went back one week later and I heard the most beautiful sound everπŸ’— So don’t worry if they can’t hear the heart yet…It’s still super early! Also, ask what they’re basing your dates off of. I ovulate later and had to constantly remind them of this because otherwise there would’ve been almost a week difference if we went by my LMP which is a big difference during the first two trimesters!

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