The Scare

What an appropriate title for the first weekend of October, huh?

I woke up this morning feeling completely normal & then walked into the bathroom to do my business. Panic commenced. I noticed a tiny bit of rusty colored spotting. There was also very light pink spotting when I wiped. More panic.

I called my OB’s on call line to get her nurse practitioner. She told me, since there was no cramping, she wasn’t that concerned about it. Apparently, in half of all pregnancies women have some form of spotting at some point. I’m on orders to take it easy today so I’ve been bed resting with Sophie Belle. If it gets any worse, however, I was directed to call back.

Five hours have passed & things haven’t worsened. I did have mild spotting one other time that was very light and only on my underwear (not when wiping). Nurse prac. called back about an hour ago to check to see how things were so I updated her. She told me, as she’d mentioned earlier, my Dr. thought it could be from the progesterone suppositories. Apparently, they can cause a rusty/pink spotting on occasion. They want me to come in for another HCG tomorrow, as planned, & get another PIO as well. In addition, my Dr. doesn’t want me taking the progesterone suppositories tonight, or tomorrow in case they’re causing some sort of irritation.

When I woke up this morning, I was 110% certain that this pregnancy, like the two others, was doomed. Since talking with them, I’m trying to calm down until I get the results tomorrow & just hope for the best.

Please say a prayer &/or send us lots of good vibes tomorrow!!!!!!!!


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