Another Milestone 

We’ve reached another milestone this pregnancy! In the past, I’ve only gotten the initial pregnant 1-2 weeks but today, when I re-tested to see if the numbers moved up, they did!!!!

Which is completely amazing news for us!!!! And I didn’t even take this bad boy this morning, I did it after my evening Target run. 

I didn’t want to live the entire weekend in immense fear that things were taking a turn for the worst so I bought another Clearblue weeks estimator in hopes of alleviating this pregnancy after loss experience. Thanks, Clearblue 😄

We are so incredibly thankful & are praying so hard this is our rainbow baby. Please, please keep us in your prayers as well!!!!!!!

Thank you & happy Friday, friends!!! 


8 thoughts on “Another Milestone 

  1. That is awesome!! But – OK…you have to promise me not to take any more of these tests! Please! After this point there is absolutely no accuracy in pee tests for rising hCG levels only a beta test will show progression!!! I don’t want you to get a pee stick test that shows something different and that makes you more stressed!!! I think this is such a hard period of time after experiencing loss, so keep up the positivity and keep your mind occupied…Monday is only a few more days!!!! Everything crossed! X

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