Second BETA

I got up early this morning & stumbled through the bedroom throwing something on to rush out the door. The sooner I get there, the sooner they’ll have the results!

I got there to be told, “we don’t have a lab tech here today, hang on and let me talk to someone. Just take a seat.”

*commence added internal panic

I sat there, again not patiently, until I erupted into a coughing fit courtesy of my current bronchitis. I stepped out the door into a foyer &, finally, when I walked back in to find my seat, someone called my name.

I went back for the HCG draw & then got another glorious PIO shot.

“Someone should call you this evening with the results.”

Oh, she doesn’t know….bless her heart. In all reality, I will likely call at least once to check on the status of said results. This ain’t my first rodeo, sweetheart.

So I waited….& waited….& waited….& WAITED again. Very patiently, might I add. My phone lit up around 2:45 & I took as deep of a breath as I could manage in my bronchial state.

Formalities were said & she told me what I knew, she had my results. She also added my Dr. was happy with them & wanted to repeat them again on Monday.

The HCG more than doubled & is 149.9. The progesterone is 54.35.

From here on out, the game plan is to continue taking the Levonox injections nightly, along with the baby Aspirin, the daily Metafolate that replaces the folic acid (since I have the MTHFR gene mutation), & start taking progesterone suppositories on Friday & then go in again on Monday to see if the labs keep raising as they should. Once they reach 1500, they’ll schedule my first OB appointment.

We are thrilled with this news & pray things keep improving. My numbers have NEVER been this high before so we’re very pleased with that.We are off to a very good start. One I hope that will prove to be very promising.

I’ve carried around my mamaw’s prayer cloth with me all day. I can remember her squeezing it in her hands during challenging times. When I got the results I smiled, & almost cried because I’m just really emotionally currently, & thought mamaw must have aggravated Jesus to death ever since she got up there. “No more of them fertile drugs!!!” Β LOL πŸ™‚ I know she’s going to watch over this little baby while she holds my other two in Heaven.

Continued prayers, good vibes, thoughts, & whatever else you all can throw at us are GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!!! I could NOT have endured this journey without all the love & support we have received. Could not.

Sending love to you all!!! ❀ ❀


11 thoughts on “Second BETA

  1. You make me teary eyed often with the happy mamaw posts. I think she is watching over you, and that this is your turn for happiness.


  2. Amazing news!! Wow! My mouth dropped open when you wrote that the lab would update you in the evening. Seriously? It should not take that long. Do they have any idea the agony we go through waiting for results? So relieved for you that you got such a good number.


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