How Was Your Day?

Can I be honest?

Mine was really freaking hard.

I had a mid cycle scan to check my lining. I’d thought I wouldn’t have to have the ultrasound since I’d already ovulated on my own. The receptionist told me my Dr. liked people to do them anyway.

& I internally said ughhhhhh. An ultrasound was the last thing I wanted today since it was not the ultrasound I was suppose to have, the pregnancy ultrasound I was finally going to get. It was just another g’luck, hope it works out for you this time infertility one.

After soaking in some of my book, this glowing couple appeared out of nowhere & sat down behind me.  They were giggling & then the lady squeaked, “I think she has your eyes.”

& I thought mother fuck. 

Of all the places they could’ve sat, why? Just why?

& it went on. So I decided this was an opportune time to exit to the restroom.

When I got back, the ultrasound tech finally called me…noting I was suppose to have an ultrasound at the other location, even though that’s not what the front desk told me. At that point, whatever.

Then I went to wait some more. When I saw my Dr. she asked when I’d ovulated and I answered. She noted, “your lining is really thick! That & the fact that you had a positive ovulation test is very good since you just miscarried.”

She was very reassuring & then reviewed my blood work with me. The type of MTHFR mutation I have is the C variant. The game plan is much of the same with one new addition. Like we talked about before, I’ll be taking baby Aspirin & folic acid daily until when & if I get pregnant again. If I do, I’ll start taking Levonox injections immediately.

As a precaution, & to increases our chances, my Dr. also put me on Progesterone. As I said, my lining was thick & she was very happy with it but she noted Progesterone does increase the likelihood of pregnancy. She wants me to take this up until I have an HCG done on the 26th (Scott’s Birthday). To clarify, I asked if I had a negative test at home if there was a point for me to come in for the blood draw & her response was, “Yes, I don’t care if you get negative Saturday & Sunday, that doesn’t mean anything to me, I still want you to come in.”

So I’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing for what seems like forever now….keep fertility drugging & wait….note: I am still not good at the waiting part.

Prayers & good vibes appreciated!!!!!!! 


6 thoughts on “How Was Your Day?

  1. Woohoo! That all sounds really positive! (Apart from the irritating couple. Grr.) I had the baby aspirin and folic acid and also similar to lovenox (I had heparin) and I’m 22 weeks pregnant tomorrow after IVF. So I think it sounds great they’re trying different things and hopefully this will be your cycle. Xx

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