Foster Care Green

When we got our very first placement, we had some red flags. At the time, the situation was exactly what we were hoping for as it was one that was heading toward adoption. After spending more time with the child, however, it became clear that the kiddo we had had some developmental disabilities. While we were prepared to deal with behavioral and emotional issues, we did not feel equip in taking on a child with a disability we didn’t know how to give the very best care to. So, in the end, we made the decision to let our worker know this.

& we waited for a new situation. Our worker came out two weeks later to talk about what our goals were & what we felt we could handle in a placement. She had mentioned a possibility of two young boys that were brothers as placement, ages 4 &6 year. After talking with Scott about it, we both felt it was something we could handle so i let her know. Initially, she had said options were being explored for them & we assumed the option was off the table. Out of no where, (like most things in foster care) a week later, I got a phone call. She said the boys were still needing a placement & wanted to know if we were still interested. I went with it.

They came to our home this Monday night so we could see if it was going to be a good fit. She and the current foster mom had said the 4 year old had some behavioral issues so we wanted to make sure he didn’t hurt our fur babies. As we had no major problems, we both felt we could handle the boys. At this point, the plan is to do more respite care to slowly transition them to our home. Current foster mom says someone had told her the plan was to do TPR (termination of parental rights) during the next court date so we shall see.


Hence the backseat of my Tahoe being taken over.

What I’ve learned as a foster parent thus far:

  • Just because something is the situation you want does NOT mean you should ignore red flags. DON’T DO IT!!!! If you think something is wrong, trust it. If you feel a situation is NOT working out, accept it
  • Communicate with your worker
  • Accept what you can & cannot take on



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