More Answers

I got a call from my doctor’s office today about the blood work I had done two weeks ago.

The nurse started off with (after the initial hello, I’m ___ from Dr.___ office), “Well, overall, everything came back normal.”

& my heart sank because I thought we hadn’t gone anywhere. I thought, after all of this time, we still had no answers.

But she continued.

“You do have a blood clotting factor. So she wants you to go ahead & start taking a baby Aspirin, about 87 mgs, daily before you even get pregnant. When you do get pregnant, call us back immediately & we’ll start you on a blood thinner injection called Levonox.”

Poor girl went on to try to assure me the shots weren’t he bad &, “we’ll show you how to do them,” until I chimed in with, “after all the shots i’ve had for IVF, I’m sure it’ll be nothing.”

I was probably the most ecstatic person a medical professional has ever informed they had a blood clotting issue that would require further treatment. I AM OVER THE MOON!!!!!

I’m sure if you are, or have ever been where I’ve been, you get it. After a miscarriage, two miserable/hellacious/insert all other synonyms for terrible here, rounds of failed IVF, on top of the 3 preceding IUIs, then the laprosocpic surgery, & then the oh, wait-miracle baby…just kidding, I am past ready to know why. 

&, after the worst summer of my life that has consisted of nothing but bad news, I was well over due for some good today. I needed some hope. I haven’t seen any in a while & it is much welcomed.

I’m hoping that this was the reason I’ve miscarried around the same time in both pregnancies & that, FINALLY, we will be able to stop it. Hopefully.

Be hopeful with me friends!!!

&, again, I’ll jump back on my soapbox for a minute to reiterate:

  • If you ever feel you aren’t getting the care &/or attention you need, GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!! I REPEAT, GET A SECOND OPINION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!!!!!!! If you want something done, ASK FOR IT!!!!! Bring up your concerns & how you’d like them to be addressed!!! I.E. me asking for blood work
  • Lastly, as hard as it is with infertility & all its hell/absence of glory, don’t lose hope. After all, some Disney movie says miracles happen all the time……


My snapchat update of the day to all my friends (thanks, for limiting my words & forcing me to resort to drawing them like a 2 year old again Snapchat. Not cool).

Bless her heart, one friend responded, “oh, no!!” To which I quickly replied….

Don’t feel bad…I just said wow in my own head as well.


10 thoughts on “More Answers

  1. I am so happy you have some answers! I am going to also get some answers soon too. We sent off for genetic testing after my D&C and were told results should be in soon. I am also going to ask to get some blood testing done to see if I maybe have a blood clotting disorder too. Our RE seems to think that it was a chromosome abnormality that caused our mmc.

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  2. Its so nice to feel empowered and have a plan! I hope Lovenox is the answer for you! Which clotting disorder do you have? If it’s MTHFR you must also stay away from folic acid and supplement with methylated folate, B6 and B12 too. There are some supplements which help with endo too, if you’re interested I can share with you. Good luck!

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      • Endo impacts egg quality and implantation, these may also cause or contribute to miscarrying. The supplements my doctor recommends for endo patients are: resveratrol (500 mg), Masson pine bark extract (200 mg), turmeric root extract (200 mg), ubiquinol (75 mg) and melatonin (4 mg) once daily. He also recommends probiotics (L. Reuteri, L. Gasseri and L. Plantatum).
        And you should ask about the MTHFR result, or simply change to a prenatal with methylated folate.
        Good luck! Hope you’re successful! I’ll also be on Lovenox (among other drugs) on this cycle.

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  3. This is exactly what my friend has. She went on to have healthy pregnancies after they determined this. I was on baby aspirin while TTC and until I was about 30 weeks pregnant because my RE said there were mixed studies showing that it could help implantation & prevent miscarriage, so hopefully it’ll help stick!!! So glad you actually have an answer!!!

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