Cravings & Food Aversions

okay, people who have been pregnant!

Did you continue to have the same cravings & aversions after you weren’t pregnant anymore???

Before I realized I was pregnant, I started going to Taco a lot. Before then, it was just some place I’d go maybe twice a year. Slowly but surely, it turned into a biweekly meeting I wasn’t about to miss.

After we found out, it was like an aha moment! Though I’d never really had any cravings, or aversions with my 1st pregnancy.

I also had an odd aversion to peanut butter, which was my favorite food on this earth until then. I loved it so much, in fact, that I signed my sister’s cards with, “I love you, more than peanut butter.” It was a big deal, okay? lol

It has now been a month since I miscarried & they’re still at it!!! I could eat a chicken quesadilla from Taco Bell for every single meal until the rest of my life & be happy & never touch a spoon of peanut butter again & be content…weirdest thing!!!!

I had assumed that, once the miscarriage was underway, both would slowly disappear….nope!!!!

I’ve heard different things from different woman. Most say, once they weren’t pregnant anymore, their cravings faded away. I’ve heard a small percentage say they sort of stayed with them.

What was your experience????

Thoughtfully yours…..& wondering if I should buy stocks in the quesadilla king.


4 thoughts on “Cravings & Food Aversions

  1. I miscarried 3wks ago at 9wks and never really had any cravings but I did have some aversions. At first I was eating pb&j sandwiches but all of a sudden I couldn’t stand them anymore. Still today the thought of it makes me sick.

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