Some People

You now them. You’ve seen, heard, or interacted with them in different situations.

Today I read a comment on  a friend’s post from one of those people.

My friend had posted a status about another such individual among the tribe of the Some People. It was a rant about this person sending her parenting advice, when they barely knew her mind you, in a very aggressive form.

I clicked the little comment box to tell her how wonderful a job I thought she was doing & how amazing her teeny tiny’s sleep patterns were at 6 weeks and then I saw it. This lady’s first comment read, “Does she have kids?”

Like…..first of all, I’m pretty that’s not relevant at all. This girl was ranting about unsolicited advice….does it really matter if the person who said has children, or not?? Fun fact: turns out the first lady from the Some People does in fact have children.

All of this brings me to this point…it’s something us infertile people hear a lot &, quite frankly, something we get sick of getting slapped across the face with.

“Does she have kids?”

Speaking for myself, no I don’t have living children. However, I have worked with the HANDS program (a program focused on prenatal and infant growth & development up til the age of 2), the Family Preservation Program (working toward preserving families and children of all ages), as well working as a nanny for several years to some pretty awesome kiddos.

Point being, just because I don’t have children, how is any advice I may be able to offer (if asked for mind you, as I am not one of the Some People) any less significant than someone who was able to have children?

It’s not.

Point being:

  • Please don’t be one of the Some People
  • Do not assume that, just because someone doesn’t have children, they can’t possibly have any relevant knowledge to share with you (if asked for suggestions & the like).
  • Or, for that matter, that we have even less of a right to partake in a conversation because we do not, or in our case-CANNOT, have children

Thank you, & good day!



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