Follow Up


Today, was our followup appt with my gyno for the miscarriage.

Borrowing a line from Dickens, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

On one hand, it went really. She was very compassionate about what happened & happy that we were even able to get pregnant so soon after my laparoscopy at the end of April. Being my second miscarriage, she also did a full workup of blood testing. 13 vials worth to be exact!!! I did not pass out…though I came close. She also looked at my cervix & noted the bleeding had stopped so that was a good thing as well.

Surprisingly, she seemed shocked when I told her no after she asked if anyone had given me pain meds while I was miscarrying. NOPE. She also seemed surprised no one did a D&C. I quickly put the D&C concern at bay, I believe, after telling her I was pretty sure I passed anything and everything.

The bad: For one, gyno appointments have never been a high point for me. They’re hard, they’re just really freaking hard. Also, for this appointment, it was re-traumatizing in that I had to relive the whole experience. Being asked about it in detail and going back to that point in time where the rest of my world seemed to crumble away those two odd weeks ago.

We left things with a few high points. We told her we were concerned about waiting 8-9 weeks to come in for a prenatal appointment as I don’t make it to 8-9 weeks and the appointment is virtually useless to me at that point. In response to this, she agreed & said she would see me at 4 weeks next time around….if there’s a next time around. In addition, she feels the sooner we try again the better (echoing what I’d read on my own). The plan is to call when I start my first period post miscarriage & start Femera again at that point. It’s a good plan that we’re both happy with. The only other unfinished business for me is that, next time around, I’m requesting progesterone in oil shots instead of oral progesterone as that obviously did nothing for me this pregnancy.





4 thoughts on “Follow Up

    • Thanks, love! NP!!
      I was on oral progesterone this time but it didn’t seem to do the trick unfortunately 😦
      I’m thankful I have a wonderful Dr. who seems invested in finding something that will though.
      Praying we get some kind of answers in the next few days from the blood work up.

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