Miscarriage Testing

Alright, ladies!

I see my gyno tomorrow to discuss our recent miscarriage. Since this is my second that occurred at practically the same time (5 & 6 weeks), I want answers. More than anything, I don’t want to have to go through this again. It is both emotionally & physically devastating.

With my first miscarriage, the Dr. refused to do any testing at that point because it was my first &, “a lot of women miscarry in their first pregnancy.”

I’m hoping my new Dr. will continue to be more involved & helpful.

What testing have you had done after having recurrent miscarriages???? Blood work, etc-I wanna know.

Per my previous biggest piece f advice for us infertiles, I plan on continuing to be my own advocate. Nobody wants this baby more than you so you need to demand answers to get shit done. In order to do that tomorrow, I need to know what to ask for.

Any info is appreciated, I’ll keep y’all posted!


12 thoughts on “Miscarriage Testing

  1. I’m currently waiting for blood testing results I got done after my two early miscarriages. I’m not sure exactly the full range of testing but both hubby and I are being tested for any chromosome issues, vitamin deficiencies (such as B12), and I am also being checked for blood clotting or natural killer cells.

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  2. I was tested for blood clotting and something with my thyroid after my miscarriage. They also did fetal tissue testing after my D&C to see if there was chromosomal abnormalities (I did not have PGD done) however this testing came out inconclusive.

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