Bump Day

So, apparanrly, it’s something called #bumpday today. For me, & many other courageous women I know, this isjust another not so happy day to add to the laundry list of things that are difficult with infertility.

You see, not everyone can get a bump. &, even for those of us who can, sometimes that’s all it visually amounts to be..a small bump. The majority of women who post bump pictures, etc will do something a few of us will not be able to do…months, or weeks after celebrating bump day & the like, they will go on to post pictures of beautiful babies. Babies that are able to be born, taken home, & loved more-longer-the way it’s suppose to be.

So much of infertility is the way things are not suppose to be.

So, if you’re like me & bump day is hard for you, might I suggest the following:

1. Be gentle to yourself. Accept that this hard & it is for a reason. As John Green wrote, “It hurts because it mattered.”

2.  Engage in self-care. Whatever that looks like for you. For me, it’s taking long hot baths to the beat of my iPhone surrounded by candles in a dark room. Just do whatever it is you need to do for yourself that day. 

3. Know that your small bump matters. It mattered to you, it mattered to your partner, & your family. & you know something? It still matters. Remember that. 

Sending hugs to all my infertility sisters & brothers on this very difficult day. Xo

Bump 2/2 for me. Fly high, my babies ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘ผ๐Ÿผ


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