For Mamaw

I didn’t think I’d be able to read it all the way through but, with the help of a family friend’s coaching, I am so happy to say I did. This is what I read at mama’s funeral on Sunday:
I could stand up here & tell a lot of funny stories about mamaw. I’m sure everyone here hasmore than a few. That’s one of things everyone will always remember her for..but that’s not all of who she was.
When I think about who I am today, it’s not hard to figure out how it came to be. A few weeks ago, my friend & I were at a coffee shop. A homeless woman was walking around & eventually sat down with us. After we left, my friend text me to tell me how beautiful she thought it was that I treated the lady like a person, unlike the other people who acted as if she wasn’t there. Growing up, I can’t count the times mamaw had people who were homeless in her home. She fixed them something to eat, gave them some of her precious cigarettes (this was the big time for her), & even let them stay all night. I feel like there are not many people in this world who would do the same.
Even though she absolutely hated that I chose to do social work, because she was afraid I’d get kidnapped, it’s not hard to figure out why I chose it…it’s because of who she was.
Mamaw was also the kind of Christian I aspire to be. Instead of judging people for a number of things, she loved them. While many people I know who profess to be Christians talk about love, they did not embody that the way she did. They’re not the kind of people who are willing to allow various kinds of individuals into their homes, sitting beside their family at Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners. Not the kind of people who let homeless people stay the night & take showers at their home.
Saying goodbye to the best person you’ve ever known is no easy feat. Saying goodbye to a mother & grandmother feels like a lot of yourself is dying too. And it is because they made you who you are.
Thanks, for making me who I am mamaw. I hope you open up the gates for me.

Love, Ces
AKA Ethel, halfpint, Thumbalina, & your sunshine

“You were like my mother
You were my best friend
You were everything I wanna be & all the good inside me theres never been
Never be another love me like you did
My grandmother, my angel.” ❤




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