Femera: Take Two


After thinking it over a lot, discussing it with the hubs & a good friend of mine, I made the decision to give Femera another go this cycle.

Mainly, I chose it for one reason, besides the fact that I’m just really ready to be freaking pregnant. The reason is this: I just had my laparoscopy that removed the endometriosis we didn’t know existed in April. We tried on our own the month after that (May) & did our first cycle of Femera this month, along with the trigger shot, that resulted in failure. However, I am just barely two months out from surgery, which is why I decided to give Femera another go. We still have our appointment with a new RE mid July but we figured it couldn’t hurt to see if another round of our current TX would succeed.

Before I decided to give things another chance, I realize now I was & am just tired. Tired of fertility drugs, the treatments, the appointments, & the hope doctors try to give me. Tired of hearing, “I think this will be it for you,” when we’ve heard it a million times before. I so wish we’d known I had endo before going through 3 IUIs & 2 rounds of IVF. Who knows, maybe one of those invasive treatments would have worked had we known why they were failing at the time. Either way, I feel like I wouldn’t be so perpetually exhausted with trying at this point. I am emotionally & physically spent. And I hate that because we now know why even two rounds of IVF didn’t do the trick for us.

The Side effects:

While I’ve had far less than I even dreamed of than Clomid, they do still, unfortunately, exist. It comes with the territory I suppose. Before I get into side effects I’ve had with Femera, I will say they are FARRRRRRRRRR less than Clomid. I repeat: far less than Clomid. If given the choice, I’d take Femera over Clomid any day of the week!

Side effects I’ve had: headaches, nausea, & fatigue. Nothing too serious. Irritating but not debilitating. For me, the headaches have been the worst of it all.

The Plan:

Same as last time, take Femera on CD’s 5-9 (tonight will be my 4th dose), go in for a monitoring appointment, have the HCG shot if I don’t ovulate on my own in the time my doc thinks I should, have some, “candlelight dinners,” as she calls them lol, & use The Stork OTC. Thanks, to the phenomenal people at The Stork, we have two to try again this cycle!!!! If you missed my post on that, flipping back to find it is worth a read. After going through all the invasive stuff I have, I so love the option of treating/helping fertility in the privacy of your own home.

Here’s to trying to be hopeful…….


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