Infertility: 6, Me: 0

This month of infertility treatment resulted in yet another failed cycle.

It was much like the other times. Everything looked great, I had two big fat follicles ready to release, got the trigger shot, & we, “had a candlelight dinner,” as my OB’s nurse prac would say several times. lol I got another positive OPK, one of those little filled in smiley faces, confirming the shot had what it was suppose to do. I took the progesterone to make my lining thicker at 10 pm on the dot every night afterwards….&, again, I still saw those two miserable words twice over the weekend.

Not Pregnant.

Side note: I think they could get up with someone a little better than that. Maybe: try again later? I really think that magic 8 ball has something going there…..or at least an I’m sorry. Or maybe even fuck you infertility, you miserable little cunt.

Sure enough AF reared her ugly head to confirm yet another failure today.


What’s the game plan?

At this point, I’m not sure if there’s any reason to pursue another cycle of femur, etc with my OBGYN. I’m on the fence about it. We have an upcoming appt with our new RE in Cincinnati in the middle of next month to discuss the possibility of doing an FET with our 1 frozen embie. I just don’t see the point of putting more hormones in my body when all it resulted in was another failure at this point. Who knows, I have a few days to change my mind…I started femur on CD5 last time.




19 thoughts on “Infertility: 6, Me: 0

  1. So sorry this cycle didn’t work for you! Just out of curiosity are you looking at Institute of Repro Health in Cincy? If so, that is where I went and I absolutely love them! You will be in such good hands. I wish you nothing but the best and absolutely love hearing about your selfless path of fostering. Sending hugs!

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