Treating Infertility At Home

At this point, I’m pretty sure if someone told me I needed to stand on my head for 48 hours, guzzle two bottles of water immediately afterwards, & then run around a 5k to get pregnant I would.

& you have no idea how out of shape I am.

Like some other couples, we’ve been through everything in the pursuit of parenthood. IUIs, appointments, IVFs, testing, appointments, surgery, more vaginal ultrasounds than can be counted, & oh-did I mention appointments?

I’ve also tried a few other quote on quote crazy things to up our chances along this journey. After the IUIs & subsequent IVFs I downed pineapple core like a ravaged bear. Before IVF, I even tried the Fertility Diet: a was sad devoid of artificial sugar & happiness time.

After our last IVF ended in failure, we made the declaration to take a break for a while. When I had my surgery that confirmed & removed endometriosis, we decided to get back on the horse (because that’s what we do in Kentucky, right?).

This cycle, we added in two more unconventional methods to increase our odds in this pregnancy pursuit.

  1. Softcups. Yes, the same ones intended for menstruation. I’d read somewhere infertile couples utilized these to up the ante in the preggo game.Why? Because it keeps the sperm INSIDE the body & closer to your internal lady parts for up to 12 hours verses it all leaking out in under 5 minutes.

How did it feel? It felt a little odd going in the first time & removal was always a bit uncomfortable.

Cost: about $6.00 for an entire box.

2. The Stork OTC. This tool is essentially an at home IUI. No RE’s & nurses staring & prodding at your vajayjay included!

How did it feel? Not that bad, to my surprise! Before it was inserted, I worried that it may have to go much further than it actually did & cause some pain along the way. Nope! Albeit, it was rather odd having my husband shove a wand inside me holding a cap filled with his sperm.ย lol

How it works: it comes with a condom, a, “cervical cap,” & a wand looking instrument that serves as an applicator.ย The cervical cap is already inside the condom, you put that on as you normally would, do business as usual, then carefully remove the condom & take the cervical cap out of it. You then place the cervical cap into the applicator. There are 3 buttons you need to press at a given time to get it to dislodge &, once that’s done, you remove it and go on your way!

A how to video on The Stork OTC:


How did it feel: As I said, it wasn’t as uncomfortable as I imagined upon insertion. However, I did find, in the part that includes business as usual, the cervical cap did cause some craving & made me bleed a bit afterwards. Taking this out was much easier than removing the soft cups since it included a string you could pull after several hours to remove it. Note: removing it did cause a bit of discomfort as it literally felt suctioned to my cervix.

More on why: The Stork OTC has a success rate of 20% This is comparable to success rates of IUIs ranging from 16-21%ย 

It’s also a whole heck of a lot cheaper! Reading reviews online before we bought it, I saw a lot of people complaining about the price. The Stork was $80….yeah, it’s a good chunk of change….but I’m wondering if those same people realize the average IUI is 600-700 dollars & IVF starts out at 10,000. $80 doesn’t sound so bad after all now, does it?

In addition to the above, if you follow this blog, you know that we also did Femera & the HCG trigger shot this cycle. I ended up having two good sized eggs during my monitoring appointment so we hope that, in addition to the unconventional methods we tried above, yields promising results.

Have you tried any of the above methods? What about any other less conventional ways of getting pregnant??? What was your experience????



7 thoughts on “Treating Infertility At Home

  1. It’s interesting to read about what sort of things there are on the market! I tried pre seed the sperm friendly lube. And I also tried fertility massage where a lady massaged around my fallopian tubes over my belly to try to clear them and help blood flow to the uterus. It sounds strange but it was actually very relaxing and didn’t cost that much more than a normal massage. Neither worked for me unfortunately!

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  2. I’ve always wondered how that stork thing worked. So it doesn’t actually go through your cervix? That was my worry because my opening is tiny and iui’s are super painful because they pretty much have to clamp and pull my cervix open to get the catheter through.

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  3. Interesting about the Stork! I’ve heard about it, but wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Thanks for sharing!! We used soft cups as well. The first time I had to take it out, I started sweating and got scared that I wouldn’t be able to get it out, haha. I had to kind of squat & bear down to remove it๐Ÿ˜ณ We used Preseed & Concieve Plus but my husband wasn’t a fan of the consistency (I told him to suck it up๐Ÿ˜‰). Wishing you guys so much luck!! Xoxo.

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    • Omg, I panicked too!!!!! Total freak out mode!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Scott was like, “it’s not possible for it to get lost,” & I was like easy for you to say, sir lol
      We’ve tried Preseed but haven’t heard of the Conceive Plus. We’ll have to try it.
      & ha! Yeah, I told mine the same when he wasn’t psyched. “Do you want Scott Jr, or not??” ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ
      Ty, sweet girl!! Co

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