Breakfast & Shots..Only Not The Kind They Do In College

After my routine peeing on the stick this morning, there was still no smiley face to see on the ovulation kit.

Throwing some clothes on, I called the dr’s office to let her know I needed the trigger shot.


Once we were in one of those fun gyno waiting rooms, she walked in rolling the shot between her hands to warm up so it wouldn’t sting as much.

When she asked if it was the first one I would have, I half laughed, noting, “This’ll be my sixth.”

Getting it ready, she reviewed our follicles and again said the one that was 20 would be the best bet but there were two &, she wanted me to know, she had no control over how many released. I responded with, “that’s fine, 2, 5, we’re good at this point.” She laughed, Scott said he needed, “some of those salts,” to smell if that were to happen lol

Before coming over to poke my arm, she told us, “I really think this is going to work for you.” & I did what I always do anytime someone tells me that…I half smile for them,not for me, nod my head, & then I look down..trying not to think about all the other times someone has told me that.

When it was all said & done, she smiled & instructed us to, “go home and have a candlelight dinner for the next three nights!” Scott busted into laughter, asking her if that’s what we called it now…men. lol

So that’s our game plan! The trigger shot should work within 24-36 hours BUT, the nurse prac said, “the best chance of getting pregnant is BEFORE ovulation,” so we’ll be having a few of those candlelight dinners just to be safe:P

In addition to the trigger shot & fertility drugs, we’ve also tried some unconventional ways of getting preggo this cycle!

But that’s another story for theย next post!

Until then, wish us luck & have a beautiful weekend!!!




6 thoughts on “Breakfast & Shots..Only Not The Kind They Do In College

  1. Aww I’m glad you got the trigger- it’s more of a sure thing regarding ovulation, you know? I’m looking forward to to hearing what else you guys are doing this cycle! I tried pineapple core for the first time the cycle we got pregnant- I had been reading about it for over a year but never did it for some reason…you never know!! Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

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