Back On The Horse

Yesterday, after a hiatus from infertility TX, regular programming commenced.

The time to begin downing hormone pills that would send my body & mind on overdrive returned.

fert meds

So far, knock-no BEAT-on wood, I haven’t had the mood swings from the darkest pits of hell I had with Clomid. Funny thing, yesterday after reading an article a husband wrote on he & his wife’s experiences with treatments, I got a little emotional…okay, a lot-al emotional & worried it was the Femera playing mind games with me. After some time passed since reading it, however, I feel it was just an emotional piece. Even more so for those struggling with infertility & so relate to everything shared in this man’s post (which I plan on sharing on the blog today as well so my fellow infertility warriors can read it for themselves).

In addition to that, it was also yet another beginning in our infertility journey. A new medication. A new plan. Yesterday also happen to remind me of the beginning of our journey-via Timehop. I’d had one of my monitoring appointments for our first IUI. Today, I saw the video I took of the very first time Scott had to stab me with a needle in the form of the trigger shot. It’s difficult to look back on all of that & remember how we were so hopeful that things would soon change….& now, here we are, a year later starting again. Only this time, with a new diagnosis in hand that neither of us anticipated-my endometriosis. When adding in the tags for this post on the sidebar, I thought to myself, time to add some new ones (Femera, endometriosis, endometriosis awareness, endowarrior) & it was incredibly strange. At the end of the day, all I can say is that I hope, this time, things will finally change….this time, I’m going to continue to hope & pray is the last time I will have to promise myself Mother’s Day will be the saddest day of the year for me. Our last Halloween & Christmas without children.

Note: I’m not saying our journey is worse than anyone else’s. Others have been through far more than we have so far. Some not so much and that’s okay too.

How do I feel (since starting Femera)?

I’ve had a constant nagging headache, felt a little nauseous, & am having random HOT FLASHES  but that’s it so far. Granted, I’ve only taken one pill so far so I can’t speak to how much better Femera will be than Clomid as a whole but I can say so far so good!

I’m a little nervous about just beginning a new fertility medication & going away for the weekend without knowing how it will effect me. Should I expect to be more sensitive? Should I expect to have to rest more and take breaks from the family fun of the weekend, the way I had to do last year on Clomid? I don’t know…& that’s what scares me.

We shall see!

Wish me luck & Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t think of anyone else who deserves a holiday  weekend filled with happiness than all of you. ❤



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