Blacklist Theory

I do not believe, though it may be wishful thinking, that Elizabeth Keen is dead.



For one, neither NBC nor Megan Boone (the actress the plays Keen) have commented on her leaving the show. Unlike Derek Morgan, who did leave Criminal Minds, there has been no talk-not even a whisper-of Boone’s departing from the show.

Also, spoiler alert, the show has in fact faked Liz’s death before.

Two, the actress just so happens to have been preggo in real life & gave birth to her own child a few days ago. HOPEFULLY, she is currently enjoying maternity leave with her little & will be back to see us this fall.

Piece of evidence number 3: James Spader said this of Keen’s sudden death:  “I think it’s most prudent not only as just myself and what I know or don’t know for that, but also in terms of the character of Reddington: Elizabeth Keen is dead.”

Hmmmmm….sounds a bit specious to me!

Her TV husband, however, stated something to the effect of he was as shocked & saddened by the death as fans were. Further noting, he had loved working with Boone. Also, there is apparently talks of a spin off for his character, as well as infant daughter Agnus. Without Boone in the picture, I can’t image how entertaining, or lack thereof, that would prove to be. No thanks, Tom.

Exhibit four: Keen, the STAR OF THE SHOW, died during a commercial break….for someone who has been the central character of The Blacklist since day one, I can’t image why on earth her death would be handled in such a casual manner. Seriously, NBC???

Five: Mr. Kaplan handled the body, not the morgue…..need I say more?

Reason six, which may be the biggest reason of all, we STILL don’t have an answer as what the relationship between Liz & Red is. What’s their connection????? Is he her father????? While I happen to believe so, we as viewers are still uncertain about this.

Bonus Theories:

  1. I wholeheartedly believe Red is Liz’s father. I think that the man she thought was her father, that she shot at the age of 4, was actually her mother’s boyfriend or someone trying to kill her. I think Red is her father & he found them in the home with the dead body and then set fire to it to cover it up.
  2. Though there’s not a lot of evidence or hinting at this, I think Mr. Kaplan is Liz’s mother. Her mother’s name was Katerina Rostova…Red once referred to Mr. Kaplan (while in a hospital bed following surgery after he’d been shot) Kate. Kate Kaplan…Katerina….hmmmmmmmm!

With the suspense of not knowing whether we’ll seen Keen again, we may very well get more clues or verification on this in this week’s season finale of The Blacklist.

Come on, Lizzie!!!!!




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