Happy Anniversary, WordPress!!!


Wow! Hard to believe, a year ago today, my adventure in the blogging word began! 13100738_1701293423442282_415235978305208461_n

When I started this blog, I had just had my HSG done a few days prior….& swore I’d NEVER have another again! Thankfully, my gynecologist took care of this during my laparoscopy last Friday. *sigh of relief

At the time I was fiddling with names & browsing layouts, I had believed, with everything in me, our infertility journey would soon end. Surely, we though, with just a few IUIs, we would have the positive test we had hoped for. One IUI came, two, & then three…all yielding the same result. Our journey had not ended, it had only just begun….

If you’ve followed along with us, you know we’ve also done 2 IVFs within the past 6 months. Two of the most invasive treatments available for us infertiles & still nada, zilch…sorta. We do still have 1 embaby in the freezer.

A year ago, we never imagined our battle with the infamous infertility would bring us to where we are today….which is one of the reasons, even back then, I declared myself more than just an infertility blog. Blogging about social issues that are close to my heart (rape culture, etc), a few of my favorite things here & there, &, recently, of travel tips.

Even though we are still not at the end of our infertile road, I am still thankful I did this, if nothing else for the distraction of all the stress & heartache infertility brings.

Fast forward to today, my laparoscopy was this past Friday, during which time we discovered that I had stage 2 endometriosis. My gyno removed this, cleared my tubes out in the process, and we follow up with her a week from today.

I am hoping she will feel IUI’s may be a hopeful prospect for us at that time. If not, I would really like to move forward with an FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) with our one embaby that made it to freeze.

Additionally, we are near the end of being certified foster parents, another new topic recently added to the blog. I look forward to the new adventures that will bring & how it will help us to grow as people.

You never know what a year can bring…..I never would have imagined.

Happy Anniversary, WordPress!!!! THANK YOU, SO MUCH TO ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS!!!!!!! ❤ This journey would be damn near impossible without all of your love & support. I hope you all stay tuned for whatever is in store for us next!! Hugs to you all! 




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