We were up not so bright & early at 5:30 yesterday morning. After slipping some leggings & a t-shirt on, the husband & I were out the door. 

We checked in at OP surgery &, after about an hour, I was taken back to be prepped. I got to wear one of those highly fashionable hospital gowns I’ve grown to love so much for pelvic surgeries & lay in wait of my pre-op nurse. 

After going over my info, she informed me she needed to take, “a lot,” of blood for plasmax.What is this, you ask? A MEGA huge syringe about the width of a half dollar & longer than anything in the blood container dept I’ve ever seen. Ever. As she was getting it ready, she asked if anyone had explained this to me & I said no. She responded that she wasn’t an expert on it but it had something to do with my Dr. using this blood on me to prevent infection. 

Nearing the end, I started to feel weird & she yelled for another nurse, saying, “I know what’s about to happen, you’re white as the sheets.” Flipping me back, she shoved some stinky stuff below my nose, & tossed a white cloth on the head. The anesthesiologist, who observed this fun, then asked if I wanted some, “happy juice,” now before being wheeled back to surgery. After the above excitement, I jumped on that offer. 

I don’t remember when exactly  I fell asleep but don’t remember anything after this until waking up to a new nurse in recovery. When my husband was brought back, I immediately asked him what the Dr. had said.

 The verdict is I do in fact have endometriosis & was at a stage 2. It was covering both ovaries, as well as a few other random tiny spots here and there. It is now, thankfully, all removed. She also informed Scott that she wanted me pregnant in 3-6 months as to prevent a regrow any time soon…we have no problems with this 🙂 

My follow up appt with her is two weeks & we’ll be discussing options as far as the possibility of IUIs during that time. 

While we are very angry our old RE never bothered to test me for endo or even go over a symptom checklist at the least, we are extremely thankful to have an answer as to why all our other fertility TX’s may have failed thus far & hopeful that maybe, just maybe, we are one step closer to meeting our sweet rainbow baby after fighting such a hard battle.



12 thoughts on “Laproscopy 

  1. I’ve been fighting for a laparoscopy for over a year and a half now and even after three failed transfers there is sill no plans to perform one. I’m receiving an endometrial scratch in August instead. I don’t have any pain maybe that is why? What were your symptoms that made you realise you had endometriosis? Xx


    • Ugh, that’s awful! Sorry, to hear that! I don’t understand why they’re willing to do such invasive treatments but yet don’t feel the lap is of major importance.
      I had a strange thing happen to me where I bled over a week. So I went in to a gyno’ office who specializes in endometriosis. I told them I thought I had it because I took a Motrin 600 on my periods & the pain STILL wouldn’t go away completely. I also had pain with sex. They felt that all that, coupled with our failed infertility TX’s, was enough to investigate.

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