An Update In The Wait…..

A lot of you people have asked us questions lately relating to us becoming foster parents &/or our infertility journey.

Even though we have graduated foster classes & would love to purse fostering to adopt, we know full well this is not a guarantee & our situation may not turn into that. & that’s okay. After a lot of talking with each other, those closest to us, & lots of praying, we strongly feel that, one way or another, we will be parents by the end of the year. Whether this be by fostering to adopt, adoption, IVF 3, FET (frozen embryo transfer with our 1 frozen embie), adoption, or embryo adoption, we believe it is going to happen for us.

I’ve recently read, “However motherhood comes to you, it is a gift,” & I firmly believe that.
We may not know how but we are believing. We are just waiting to see what God has in store for us…..& that’s where we are right now.
Thank you, for following along in our journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&, of course, there are always infertility updates here!


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