To Our Foster Children

Dear foster/adoptive babies,

A lot of people have told me you’re going to be a difficult task. Hard to handle, full of temper tantrums, stacked with attachment issues, full of behavioral problems, and/or learning disabilities because you may have been born addicted. A lot of people have told us that, despite foster care being the absolute greatest thing they’ve done with their lives, it is also the hardest.

As we get closer to completing our classes, more and more people remind us that our lives will never be the same again.

&, to that, I have a few things to say. For one, I understand you won’t always be the easiest thing I have ever battled.  There will be court cases, meetings with social workers, home visits, visitations, & a variety of other things that come with you so no, you will not be easy…And you have every right not to be. As a social worker, I full well now the requirements for a removal and can imagine the number of things that led you here. We also understand that our lives won’t even be the same again & that’s okay. We don’t want them to be the same anymore. I know your’s won’t either &, for me, that is far more important than the fact that mine will never be the same.

While you’re with us, I will do my best to make the darkness of your situation a little brighter. I’ll love you unconditionally & provide you with everything you need….& probably much of what you don’t need, to be honest because I’m a giant child and I can’t wait to play with you….when you’re ready for that.

When you’re old enough for me to give you this letter, you’ll have likely seen those signs for sale on various websites beginning with In this house…..we do _________. So, for you, I’ve written my own below:

In This House

We love

We do prayer

We do puppy kisses

We do mistakes

We do grace

We do Once Upon A Times

& Galaxies Far Far Away

&, most importantly, platform 9 & 3/4

We just keep swimming

We do therapy

We do respect

We have adventures

We play

We do real

We do I’m sorry

We do second chances

& thirds, & fourths, etc!

We do hugs & kisses (if that’s okay)

We do SVU marathons (when you’re old enough!)

We do Disney

We do hiking

We do outside

We do I Love You’s

We do family

No matter how long you’re here, we will do all of those things far after you’re gone. We can’t wait to meet you ❤



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