Second Thoughts?

In the last week, I’ve found myself wondering whether or not I really need my upcoming laparoscopy. Sure, I have symptoms of endo. but are they really that bad?

Well, after being ordered not to take any Motrin for a month in advance, those thoughts have been executed.

They are no more.

In the past, I had, for some strange reason, believed it was normal for everyone to be in intense pain when they were on their period. I thought that, like me, other women continued to have pain even after taking some over the counter med. This has been my norm. The norm that has gotten progressively worse as I’ve gotten older.


While my period was normal the cycle after our last failed IVF, it’s been jacked up after that. Basically, it can’t decide whether it wants to, “grace,” me with its presence or not.

When I started getting hit with those sharp twinges of pain that come with my cramping, I took two Tylenol around 11 this morning. Near 3, the cramps were getting worse again and, after feeling like I couldn’t take them anymore, I took 3 more Tylenol….& I am still having faint cramping.

Moral of the story, if I don’t have endo, I will be sincerely surprised after enduring this cramping hell without my sacred Motrin.

&, again, I cannot believe someone has never diagnosed me with endo. sooner.

GET YOUR SECOND OPINION LADIES!!!!!! I for one can assure you that not doing so is a very costly mistake indeed.


2 thoughts on “Second Thoughts?

  1. I was going through about a half bottle of tylenol a month because of my endo until I discovered Young Living. Now I just use peppermint oil and if they’re really bad, which they tend to be after I ovulate, I add a heating pad too.

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