Places To See And Eat In New York

Saying New York is an amazing place to visit would be a complete & total understatement…so I’m not gonna say that. πŸ˜‰ Instead, I’ll fill you in on a few tips & tricks for tackling the Big Apple.

We’ll start with a few obvious things:

  • Explore Time Square
  • See the statue of liberty & Ellis Island
  • Go to the top of The Empire State Building
  • See a Broadway show
  • Ride the subway & make a pit stop at Grand Central Station
  • Roam Central Park

Some notes about the above: block off a few hours over the course of two days to see Central Park. We allotted about an hour in two separate days to this & still didn’t see C.P. in its entirety. Another thing to know about C.P. is that you have to see the Alice In Wonderland statue if you drop by!!!! A friend told me about this &, being an avid Disney fan, of course we had to go! I was stunned at both the size & beauty of the statue.

Other photos from the beautiful Central Park:


As for the Statue of Liberty, if you’re going to go (& if you’re visiting N.Y. for the first time, let’s face it, you probably will), go early! I repeat, go early. This was told to us by the concierge at our hotel & boy was she right. We went around 11 & the boat was still packed. Also, if you want to go to the top of the statue, get your tickets for this MONTHS in advance!!!!! We were unable to do this as they were sold out while we were there. A friend of mine’s mother is there currently & got her tickets for this 6 months ahead of time. Another word of advice here: if you’re going to this attraction, you may as well drop by Ellis Island afterwards. As far as I know, there is no extra cost. Unfortunately for us, it started POURING as left the state of liberty so we had to skip out on this. 

The Empire State Building was a bit easier in the sense that you won’t have to worry about not getting tickets. It’s also worth the 2 elevator rides up! 

Another potentially obvious touristy thing to do while in New York is to ride the subway, at least once, & make a stop at Grand Central Station. 

On exploring Time Square, do his AS EARLY AS YOU CAN!!! Do I need to repeat myself?? The first time we walked this was in the evening & it was a mad house!!!! The walk time was dramatically increased & it felt overwhelming. When we walked around earlier in the day, however, this wasn’t an issue at all! 



Next up-the Broadway show! We saw Wicked, which I had dreamt of seeing since I read it in 8th, or 9th grade. Tickets can be a little pricey but totally worth the experience. Words of advice here: check with the concierge about tickets before paying full price for them!!!! We did this & got 2 tickets for the price of 1 when compared to the advertised price. Sure, we didn’t have the greatest seats but it was still worth it. 

Now for some potentially not so obvious hot spots:

-The Chelsea area! It’s more of an artsy less crowded part of NY. We walked the Chelsea Market & Highline, both of which I recommend.

-The Flatiron Building, my favorite Buikding in NYC!! 😍

-Frozen Smores!!! Mmmmmmm

Absolute delicious & also very neat to watch!

-Must eats: New York cheesecake & N.Y. pizza!!!! πŸ°πŸ•

Also, Shake Shack is a very yummy burger place with several locations. I know what you’re thinking, what’s so special about burgers? Well, you’ll see πŸ˜πŸ”πŸŸ

-St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Absolutely breathtaking.

-This one may be a tad personal, but I very much enjoyed visiting the court house that’s featured on SVU…& keeping an eye out for filming crews simultaneously!

-The 9/11 memorial. 

 hThere are no words.

-The Museums are also best places to hit up! They also happen to be near Central Park so you can walk in over once you finish up there. We spent a little over an hour at the history museum and enjoyed that.  

Additional words of advice:

-If you’re going to take a bus tour, pay for 1 day only. My husband & I paid for 2 and got one free but, honestly, we both feel like we’d have been better off taking the tours one day & using the Subway the rest of the time. For one, the subway is A LOTTTT faster than the buses due to traffic. Two, the subway also ends up being a lot cheaper. 

-Don’t pay the hefty price for hotel breakfast!! At the hotel we were staying at, breakfast was going to be $20 a person. The concierge recommended a place nets by called Galaxy that was much cheaper & probably a lot more for our money than the hotel would’ve been. 

I hope you find our Nee York tips & tricks useful! πŸ™‚ 



8 thoughts on “Places To See And Eat In New York

  1. NYC is my favorite place ever! I actually suggest the bus tour especially if you’re not comfortable with subways because it’s so easy to hop and off of them. We did the Brooklyn night tour last time and it was amazing! Greenwich village is also a fun p,ace to walk around. WICKED is the best show!!!

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