I Didn’t Choose The Stirrup Life

But it clearly chose me.   
Today was my surgical consult for laproscopy. While I had not anticipated saying hello to my little friends, I did. 

While I’m not completely sure what my doc did, she told me there’d be pressure as she inserted something. Removing it & inserted something else that also felt like a speculum, she warned me it’d be cold and I’d likely feel more pressure. 

After this was finished, she said, “If you do have endo, it hasn’t spread to your cervix yet so that’s good.” 

I gave her a brief overview of our infertility history, along with the reasons I’m wondering I have endo. She asked what testing I’d previously had & I told her the HSG was it and my tubes were clear at that time. She also asked about family history of endo, how many siblings I had, & whether or not my mother had trouble getting pregnant. I told her, while she hadn’t with me, having my sister took some time. 

Upon hearing the HSG was the only testing I’d had up to this point, she raised one of her eyebrows & turned her head to the side. 

I told her about our 3 failed IUIs & 2 recent failed IVFs. I also mentioned our RE had informed us my egg quality was bad second round, as well as the fact that Scott has morphology issues.

At the end of the appointment, she said, “I definitely think you should have the laproscopy, especially moving forward.” 

Something else I thought was interesting during the appt is, though she didn’t come right out & say it, she didn’t appear to have good confidence in our old RE. She told me she was going to request a copy of all my records from there so she could review them. She also let me know, “there are other places they could do it,” in reference to transferring our remaining frozen embryo at a later date. 

What’s more, from the little history I gave her, she recommended that Scott start taking 2 Mucinex daily for a month to see if it improves his morphology issue. After a month, she’d like him to have another semen analysis. In addition, she told me to order some Pregnitude because it helped with egg quality…a vast improvement from our RE telling us there’s nothing we could do to improve either. Oh, wait-as my husband pointed out-he did say I could eat green M&M’s only in an effort to improve my egg quality because, “it’d be just as effective & frankly they taste better.” πŸ™„

My surgery could’ve been scheduled as early as April 8th but, with my comp exam coming up & practicum hours to finish, I decided to hold off until the 22nd of April for that. 

How do I feel, I have a lot of feelings about today’s appt. Mostly though, I am level 10 pissed at the care we received from our old RE. I was never even asked about endo or PCOS while I was a patient there & now here we are at a new gynecologist that feels I warrant a laproscopy. Also, she actually have suggestions of things we could try while he acted as if it was stupid. Not to me iron the fact that, at our last post IVF fail follow up, he acted as if there was no hope for us. He told us he’d, “do it again if that’s what you want,” in reference to a third IVF, mentioned embryo adoption, & traditional adoption and sent us on our way…

I’m excited for what lies ahead & hoping for some answers. 😁

Coke on April 22nd!



9 thoughts on “I Didn’t Choose The Stirrup Life

  1. It’s such wonderful news to read that you have someone taking you seriously now! Wishing you all the best for your lap. Are they doing it to just diagnose endometriosis or to remove it all at the same time if you have it too? I made the mistake of only having a diagnosis laparoscopy so now I’m waiting for a 2nd so that I can have mine all removed. I’ve heard too that more laparoscopies can decrease fertility. Not trying to scare you – but would hate for somebody else to be in the same boat as I.
    Hope it all goes well anyway and you receive the outcome you’re hoping for xxx

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  2. So glad you got some good insight, but that’s frustrating about your old RE. I firmly believe in Pregnitude!!! I only ovulated while taking that or fertility meds. It was one of the things I was taking when I got pregnant (no fertility meds- just pregnitude and herbal supplement). Order it off Amazon!

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