The Final Five

My eyes opened earlier than usual on a morning I don’t have to be some place. It was still dark in our bedroom with only a thin line of light escaping our blackout curtains. 

Somehow I knew tossing & turning just wouldn’t due…because I knew the embryologist would be calling any second with our second & last update until transfer. 

While eating breakfast anxiously on the couch, I saw the Embryology lab phone number pop up. For a second, all I could do was stare down at it until, finally gathering my bearings, yelling for my husband to turn off his superhero show.

She led in with, “I know you were told yesterday you had 5 remaining embryos. Well, they all made it to today. Two are slow growers but that’s normal. The other three look strong.”

I couldn’t &, if we’re honest, still can’t believe it. All 5 of our little embies held on til today. She told me about transfer & we picked our time…ended the call & sat in disbelief…& then nearly cried. We were so afraid, after our first update of having 5 good embryos, that come today we may not have any left. Our numbers started & ended dramatically with our first round of IVF. We began with 36, which plummeted to 19 or so, then something like 7, &, at transfer day, only 3 little embryos made it out. A far cry from a start of 36.

HOPEFULLY, the lack of plumeting digits is a sign we have better quality embryos this time around. I really, really hope that’s the case anyway. But, for now, I’m just going to enjoy the elation that all 5 little babies fought the good fight & came out on top. 

Keep fighting, loves! 

Has anyone tried anything to improve their lining or chance of sticky babies at transfer?!?!?! 


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