Retrieval went relatively smoothly yesterday, for the most part. I was super anxious driving in & even more so when we got there. Once we got back to the pre-op room though, strangely enough, I calmed down a bit. The nurse, after informing me I could take my first dose of pain meds, was asking all the standard questions before an E.R. & was getting ready to do my IV when it hit me. I started feeling hot all over, the room started to spin a bit. She asked if I wanted her to stop, and at that point, I said no, just get it over with. Once she had the IV in (I think) I threw up & got even dizzier. All I wanted to do was lay down.

After both our RE & the anesthesiologist came in, it was go time. My little eggies were ready to be excavated. Our nurse led me into the room & told me what position to get in as we got the last bit ready. I laid down on that weird table with a large hole in the middle of it’s bottom (why, I don’t know…this does not seem very safe to me lol), put my legs up in those labor & delivery like stirrups (again, seriously infertility?), & got covered up with my blankie (because apparently I’m Linus from The Peanuts now). Last time around, I remember the anesthesiologist counting backwards until I went out. This time, he said, “I’ve hit you with the first one. Here comes the second one that feels like ice water.” After looking at the lights on the ceiling for a few minutes, I was out.

Thankfully, I didn’t wake up in as much pain as the last time!!!! I was in some pain so my nurse hit me with another shot of pain meds then went to get Scott. Before we headed out, we were told they got 12 eggs total-much better than the 36 they got last time as far as quality we hoped.

This morning, in a panic, I noticed I’d missed 2 calls from our embryologist-commence full blown state of alarm. After losing my shit, she eventually called us back & that hysteria ended. lol She informed me we had 5 eggs left as of this morning. 

  She said that my eggs were soft & something else I can’t recall, which can indicate low quality. I can’t let myself think about that & the fact they’re only 5 hanging in there from our first update. We had about 19 or so left the morning after last time…..5 is a far jump from that number & makes me worry that we won’t have any left. So, if you pray, PLEASE, PLEASE send some up for us! 

Other than that, I’m fine. Pain is no where near as bad this time. I have been incredibly nauseous & thrown up everything I’ve eaten, however…Scott guessed this was from the pain meds so hopefully that was it. We called our RE just to be sure & he said it was okay for me to take some Phenergan.

With that being said, after Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets ends, I’ll be taking that & then going back to bed…again.

Wish us the best! Pray our little embies hang on & pull through!! ❤

Outtakes from the day:


Me pouting because I was so nervous lol


Warm puppy socks!!


10 thoughts on “Retrieval

  1. Hang in there! I had 14 retrieved last time and 5 on our first update and 2 made it to strong blasts that have been hanging out in the freezer until yesterday. Now they are back snuggled up with momma. Praying for you! Don’t lose hope!

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