Cinderella Time 

Last night, when the clock struck 12, our last shot punctured my skin. It was trigger shot time!  

Being an avid Disney princess lover (or addict, depends on who you’re asking), I found the timing especially fitting. I also loved the above quotes from Cinderella that symbolize our journey, most especially the, “Even miracles take a little time.” 

Today, when checking out my very swollen stomach, I noticed I was left with some bruising from this cycle.  

If that’s what it takes, IVF, that’s what it takes. 😉

Tomorrow is our egg retrieval!!!!! At 10:15 to be exact. I’m still incredibly nervous & praying I don’t wake up in as much pain as last time (or have any PTSD stuff go on). More than anything, I am praying & hoping for better quality eggs. The pain, ALL the injections I’ve had thus far, the dates with the dildo cam, all the procedures & test, & all the tears will be more than worth it if the eggs are better. If you pray, please send one up for me tomorrow! 



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