Another One Bites The Dust


Yesterday, was day 9 of injections AND THE LAST DAY of double injections!!!! Which I’m, clearly, not excited about at all 😉

I felt mostly fine yesterday, just tired & nauseous. I also noticed I am, once again, getting really swollen…which concerns me with the whole OHSS. More than anything, I worry about my egg quality again being compromised by the overstimulation. Here’s to hoping that is avoided this time around.

12548902_1664035370501421_6288973010755264905_n Thankfully, our LAST injection-the HCG trigger shot-is tonight at midnight. With that being said, hopefully the bloat doesn’t get any worse. Other than that & the fatigue, I feel fine physically.

As egg retrieval & transfer are quickly approaching, I am beginning to feel more anxious about those. Last time, I was in a lot of pain after retrieval & transfer was somewhat painful for me as well thanks to my retroverted uterus. As a result, going into IVF round 2, I’ve been even more anxious about these procedures.

Another thing I’ve noticed lately is that my PTSD has gotten aggravated during our second attempt at IVF babies. When discussing this with my therapist yesterday, I came to the conclusion that this stems from feeling pain (esp. vaginally). With 18 follicles since our second ultrasound, my dates with the dildo cam haven’t been the most pleasant of experiences. While a vaginal ultrasound with an overproduction of follicles isn’t comparable to rape, it is still triggering for me (as was any gynecological procedure before this).

With that being said, I’m more than ready for all of this to be over…hopefully with a baby in tow!

Until midnight, friends!


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