Behind The Times

I’m a day behind again! We capped off day 7 last night.

Thankfully, the Cetrotide didn’t sting as bad yesterday considering my friend stayed the night & served as a distraction.   
Today we shot it to day 8! I was heading to Eastern, ky this evening to  support my sister tomorrow morning so we did our shots earlier today. 

Today was also our LAST monitoring appointment!!!!!  

Considering I have about 18 follicles, this date with the dildo cam hurt like a mother. I cringed the entire time &-of, course-a student was doing it. After it was over, our RE informed us he’d write a prescription for the OHSS med again (to cut my chances of getting it in half)…very carefully this time…since hormonal me nearly cried last time he told me this. All in all, he didn’t seem concerned..& our nurse called me again this evening to inform me my blood levels are, “more controlled this time so hopefully better quality eggs this time!”

 The success may, or may not have been a direct result of my Wonder Woman socks;)

In other news, our egg retrieval is scheduled for Friday at 10. Trigger shot is set for Wednesday at MIDNIGHT!!!!!!! Which I think is sweet since I’m so in love with Disney…as Cinderella said, 

“Even miracles take a little time.”



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