Four Score & Several Shots To Go

Hello, day 4!!!!! It’s nice to see you again, hopefully with fewer & better quality eggs in tow!

How am I feeling today: Pretty crappy, friends. So crappy, in fact, I skipped, “Free work,” today. Since yesterday, diarrhea & nausea have been plaguing my life. Every time I eat ANYTHING, I find myself dashing to the bathroom again. Fun times. Headache is not as bad today, thankfully. Still having occasional pangs in my left ovary so I’m guessing it’s go time for that side.


An accurate depiction of my feels on fertility drugs

Meds. taken: Another 150 units of Gonal-F.

Our second monitoring appointment is tomorrow morning so we’re hoping we get good news there. Any further prayers & good vibes are much appreciated in this area! Since our RE informed us my egg quality may have been reduced because the dosage had to be lowered last time, I am really not wanting to alter it this time around at all.

Lift us up & keep us in your thoughts, please & thanks! 


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