Hit Me With Your Best Shot πŸ’‰

First monitoring appt of IVF 2 in the books!!One down, two to go!
What happened today:

Standard baseline ultrasound & blood work fun. Our RE told us my ovaries & everything looked, “just like they’re suppose to,” so we were good to go as long as my blood levels came back fine (which they did).

They also gave us our dosage for the 1st round of meds…that we may have initially had a small heart attack over. At first, Scott & I both thought the 150 looked familiar. After the nurse clarified, we remembered that my first dosage started out at 250 & was then lowered to 150 when I started over responding. Interestingly, our Doctor noted that this, lowering the med, once it was started could have resulted in the decreased quality of my eggs last round. Being the first time we’d been told this, I actually feel better about going into round 2 because, hopefully, overstimulation can be avoided & this was in fact the cause we didn’t get a BFP last time.

Here’s to hoping! Grow eggies, grow…just not too many of you this time! πŸ˜›

Meds. taken today: 150 units of Gonal F. The plan is to keep taking this & have further med. Instructions after my ultrasound/blood work on Friday.

How do I feel? So far, just dizzy & tired-same as last time. So much so, I’ll probably be hitting the sheets after this.

How does Scott feel? “Hopeful.”

&, dare I say, excited to stab me ;P

I’ll virtually see you tomorrow, friends-grandma needs to retire for the evening.


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