Almost There

Even though our second shot-see what I did there ;)-at IVF hasn’t even started yet, the lead up to this time around has been so much different.

A month leading up to our first attempt (key thoughts that this sounds like suicide from my social work brain), my perfectionism came out to play & took over my mind. I downloaded, printed, & created a binder full of the 21 Day Fertility Diet. I religiously went to the grocery for Fertility Superfoods, limited my caffeine far in advance, stopped alcohol completely, & got angry with my husband when he wouldn’t conform to my crazy.

& guess what? We still didn’t receive the outcome we had hoped…&, to me, this illustrates a far greater message. Sometimes, we can do everything right but we still don’t get what we hoped for, what we prayed for. We can go above & beyond in preparation, we can set alarms for shots that don’t even have to be given at certain times, we can be told all along that our ultrasound and labs looked great until….they don’t. Until we are left with the hollow disappointment of defeat. &, in that realization, I’ve came to the conclusion that, if something is going to work, it’s going to work. While that doesn’t mean I won’t cut my caffeine, eat healthy, & continue my prenatal & folic acid when IVF begins, it does mean I am not going to further stress myself out.

So what have I done in preparation for this cycle??

Quite simply, I’ve had fun. I’ve tried to enjoy my life again, as much as I can from the sickness of icky birth control.

We threw our 2nd Ugly Sweater Party!

I went with an, “Ugly Sweater Skirt,” this year with some candy cane thigh highs, huge Christmas bow earrings, & a light up necklace. Scott had an ugly sweater shirt with 1 hideous tie & red suspenders. & oh, let’s not forget all the food-we do live in the South ya, know?

Apart from that, I’ve been trying to relax over winter break & spend time with friends. I’ve also watched entirely too many episodes of FRIENDS & SVU..who am I kidding, like that’s possible??? πŸ˜›

Vitamin wise I did take Fertility Blend for women for a few weeks (I stopped about 2 weeks before shots were scheduled as I was afraid it may interfere with things). I’ve also been sure to take my prenatal vitamins & extra folic acid daily.

Currently, I’m still swimming in this whole relaxation thing as I’ve had no energy for an entire month. With IVF 2 being only 4 days away, the anticipation & anxiety for this round has started to build….but that’s for another post πŸ™‚



6 thoughts on “Almost There

  1. I’m so with you! I think we beat ourselves up too much. Most of my friends with babies are more overweight than I am! I’ve been thinner plenty and still not conceived. I do think after last night I’m going to give up alcohol, though! πŸ˜‰

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