A Sign?


I believe God gives them to us sometimes.

Getting over the failure of our first IVF cycle has been incredibly trying. Words cannot express how painful it is to go through something that is suppose to be your cure all only to find out, when all is said and done, that was not the answer for you. It didn’t work….& you’re still not parents.

Forget going through such invasive procedures, ALL the shots involved along the way,  the vaginal suppositories I had to take three times a day for two weeks, & the crippling debt….the emotional devastation is far worse than all of the above could ever be.

It has been two weeks & a day since we got the news…the less than .05 on the beta blood test. Even though it seems so much longer than that, it has gotten a bit easier to live with this past week…I credit that reason to the below.

Ever since our dreams were put on hold (again), we began questioning if it was financially wise for us to try again this coming month. Ever since then, however, we’ve gotten money in unexpected places several times…it’s like it has, quite literally, came out of no where.

I talked with my husband about this & he agreed that this may be a sign from God to take the plunge right now at this moment in our lives. Maybe IVF two is suppose to be it for us….we are hoping with all we have left that this is the case.

After our fertility clinic gave us donated meds that were unused by other couples & we got our rebate back from the last round of meds used, this cycle will end up costing us $6,000 (for the downpayment)!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a total savings of $2000 as compared to our last downpayment due.

In the meantime, I am also doing everything I can to gear up for the new cycle. Since we aren’t sure about the quality of my eggs at this point, I’ve been taking Fertility Blend vitamins for woman two to three times a day in hopes that this improves them. Scott is also still taking his Fertility Blend vitamins for men.

Also, since IVF is also very taxing time wise, I decided to return to my internship two weeks early in order to bank hours. I figure that way, if something happens (like OHSS/complications), I’ll be able to take time off without having to worry about it. This will also help me not stress about having to come in an hour late three times when I have monitoring appointments.

Less stress all around can only help us at this point! Hopefully, the fact that I only have to take 4 classes next semester instead of 5 will also help a great deal.

Something else I’d really like to do better this round is clean/organize my house before the shots begin and prepare meals in advance (like crockpot meals in freezer bags). The regular side effects from the shots alone was enough to throw me into the arms of my couch/or bed & want to live there forever. When I was overstimulated, this only worsened. When we went for a grocery store outing, I could barely walk & Scott made me ride around in 1 of those electronic scooters….you know, the kind old people cruise around in. lol

Let’s do this IVF…..


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