Transfer Time!


What a day! It’s been filled with excitement, nervousness, & so many other emotions.

When we got there, full bladder in tow, we were surprised to find that there were three other couples present-which was different from our last experience at the IVF clinic where it was just us & we were left to our own devices/nervousness. Actually, I think it helped to have others who were about to go through the very same thing to talk with beforehand.

My husband & I were both sporting UK (C-A-T-S, CATS, CATS, CATS!!!!) shirts so that opened up a lot of conversation about last night’s game. When another couple came in, she looked over at me after I’d muffled to Scott that I hoped they hurried & took me back because I already had to pee. She said, “I don’t mean to eavesdrop but me, too!!” We had a conversation from there about what to expect as far as whether, or no Scott would be able to go back with me, their previous experience with IVF success that ended in miscarriage, & financing with our clinic. Thankfully, they had mentioned that our Dr. had allowed them to have two accounts so they wouldn’t have to wait as long before trying IVF again…which makes us feel more at east just in case!

So how’d it go??

Our nurse took us back & told me to undress from the waist down & put on this godawful pink looking paper gown….I looked like a Pepto Bismol explosion.

Our Dr. came in soon after to for a quick review before things got underway. He reported that we had two good embryos ready for transfer but one was better than the other. The best one we have was, “a full blastocyst,” (I have no idea what that means lol) & another that was, “an early blastocyst.” He also told us that we had two more that were currently looking promising to freeze.

& then we were off to the procedure room! It was a dimly lit space that had had a short table, stirrups that looked like the ones my sister used when she had her baby, & an ultrasound machine, & a light for our doc.

It was not the most pleasant experience for me as I have a fun tilted uterus. I cringed in pain from cramping & felt like I was going to cry for about 15 minutes while he toyed with it trying to thread it up at odd angles to get things in line. When he finally got it placed, he told the embryologists he was ready & then they had us confirm our names on the dishes.

At the same time, the nurse pulled down the sheet & moved up my shirt to do the ultrasound-another surprise as all my other were transvaginal-& made the comment that my right ovary was still swollen…seeing as nothing else was said, I am assuming all is fine there & our Dr. saved me from OHSS.

The actual placing of the embryos didn’t hurt at all & I was surprised it was finished so quickly, especially since getting my uterus to cooperate was so difficult!

We had breakfast afterwards, did some Christmas shopping for our nephews & niece, & picked up my sweet, sweet spaghetti I’d been craving for a month lol

All in all, it was a really good day….as I’ve shared our IVF journey on Facebook, I am honestly completely & utterly overwhelmed at the amount of support we have received! I can’t believe it & never would have expected so many people to make sweet comments & tell us they were praying for us and sending good vibes…it has been absolutely beautiful and made this process much easier to bear. God is good…& so are people sometimes πŸ˜‰

& now we wait!!! Prayers & good thoughts our sweet, beautiful embies stick are soooooo appreciated!!!

Thank you ❀


Showing Sophie & Tyson our embryos β€ͺ#β€ŽJudgeMe‬ πŸ˜‚

Soph says she’s excited she can possibly get two more minions & will begin their programming ASAP. For now, she will let them settle in & be sending sticky thoughts Xo


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