The Lucky Dozen?


The number of remaining viable embryos we have left. 

One of the embryologist called me again this morning to report this & added, “We’ll put the best back & there are 5 strong contenders for that right now.”

She also informed me transfer will be this coming Wednesday (a 5 day transfer) & also they this would be our LAST update until then..which makes me incredibly anxious. 

I want to know how they’re doing every day…okay, at all hours of the day-but at least once a day…we’ll see how I fair in the 2 day wait to see how many pull through. 

How am I feeling today?

Tired. Exhaustingly tired. I’m the kind of person who NEVER takes naps unless I’m really sick…every time I’ve taken any sort of fertility med, I’ve turned into Sleeping Beauty. This was especially true this week after all injections were finished & I had retrieval. 

On the upside, I’m not waddling as much! While I still don’t get around as fast as usual, I’m a far cry from resembling an inebriated baby penguin so that’s a plus, right?

What about Scott? Just as anxious as I am to see if this whole crazy process works! 

Meds for the day: OHSS med, infection med for post retrieval, & progesterone suppositories…THREE.TIMES.A.DAY!!!! 

Wednesday can’t get here soon enough…until then, I’ll probably nap! 


9 thoughts on “The Lucky Dozen?

    • Yessss, same here!! Egg retrieval is def. no joke! Yesterday, I randomly got dizzy after getting up too fast..& I’m sooooo exhaustingly tired still yet! I am really hoping this works out….but trying not to be TOO optimistic ❀

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