Embies Update 1

One of our embryologists just called me with our first update on how our embryos were doing!

She said, out of the 36 eggs retrieved, 19 of them were fertilized. One in particular hadn’t handled the injection well so they threw it out because it wouldn’t have resulted in a healthy pregnancy. Another hadn’t matured at all. And another 3 are slow developing & may catch up.

So, at this very moment, we have 14 fertilized embryos that are healthy as of right now.

We’re both over the moon excited that we have 14 good embies left! At the same time, I’m very anxious to hear about how those remaining 14 are doing tomorrow.


Before we embarked on our IVF journey, I’d read about women saying they had a natural instinct to be worried about their embryos & want them transferred back as soon as possible…at the time, I thought that wouldn’t be me….nope! I could barely sleep last night because I kept obsessively checking my phone to see if they’d called yet. When I did wake up, I could’ve probably slept another 2 hours but was NOT missing my update (crazy IVF lady). Since then, I’ve been laying on the couch looking at my phone any time the sun hit the screen certain way because maybe, just maybe that was them trying to reach us. lol Yes, I am well aware of how crazy I sound right now…..but I’m worried about out embies, darn it! ๐Ÿ˜›

Before getting off the phone, she told me I’d be getting a call again tomorrow with another update & we’d also be finding out when transfer would be.

Also starting tomorrow………


Yipeeeeee!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

But if it means having a healthy baby, I’d take the entire box a day if I had to.

Watch out, world….the hormones aren’t over yet!


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