We Set A Date!

Rather, our RE set a date.

Yesterday evening, I got a call from the nurse regarding further dosage instructions, when to take the trigger shot, & when retrieval would be.

We’re all set for November 13th (this Friday), which happens to be the same day Scott proposed to me in the most romantic way possible. Let’s hope that’s a good sign ❤❣

She also instructed me to begin taking the medication he prescribed during yesterday’s appt. tomorrow morning (it lasts 8 days & is suppose to cut my chances of developing OHSS in half). Our trigger shot will happen tomorrow night at EXACTLY 8:30 pm. While she informed me our Dr. decided not to make any dosage changes of Gonal-F & Citrotide since my Estrogen levels hadn’t increased dramatically, he did decide to cut the dose of the trigger shot in half (to further guard against OHSS).

Thursday I will only be taking the prescription medication I begin tomorrow (with no injections!!!!!!) & our retrieval will be 7 am Friday morning.

How am I feeling?

BLOATEDDDDDD!!!!!!!! I feel like I look 4 months pregnant already and retrieval hasn’t even happened yet!


My hormones were also running a muck yesterday in the worst way. I did, however, get my appetite back yesterday & was able to eat some decent meals!

I can also say that I am soon incredibly thankful, for how supportive most everyone has been in this process!!! I am blessed with amazing friends….when I got to night class last night, a friend came up to me holding a bag out. When I asked what it was, she told me it was for me. She’d made a big bowl of potato soup & a tin of brownies with a card on top that was signed by two other friends.


While I’m still extremely nervous about retrieval & being put to sleep alone, I am excited to get the ball rolling.

I am so swollen, it’s even crossed my mind to call the office back saying Friday just isn’t gonna work because it’s Friday the 13th &, to quote Michael Scott,


But, since he is the expert…& my anxiety is helping me out here, I guess I can waddle around an extra day.

Dear November 13th, please be as good to me as you were last time around. ❤

10734189_1527768474128112_6137142594604341447_n 10801670_1527696187468674_9091305199625338578_n 10441072_1527768634128096_220939894262063913_n1654055_1537695639802062_1095340809499390423_n


12 thoughts on “We Set A Date!

  1. I’m so excited for you! And how perfect for the retrieval to fall on your proposal anniversary. That card from your friends is the sweetest! I hope tons of positive energy continues to surround you. You are going to do great on Friday! Don’t be scared…it’s a fast procedure and then you get to be pampered by hubby!

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  2. Great news!!! Nov 13th will be a lucky day for you!!! Lots of eggs ready to collect 🙂
    Id love to know what medication you have been given to help with the OHSS? How are you feeling today? I hope not too bad…the bloating is crazy isn’t it??!! (I saw your other post!) Take it easy!!!

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